Welcome to the CEO Today Magazine Top 50 CEO’s.

Who is the best CEO in the world?  Bezos, Musk, Zuckerberg? Or is it one of the old classics like Bill Gates or Warren Buffett? 

Below is a list of the richest, successful and talented CEO’s who own and run businesses around the world.  There’s some familiar faces from companies such as Berkshire Hathaway, Tesla, Amazon and Alibaba alongside lesser known CEO’s who are forging new paths and delivering phenomenal results for their businesses.  Well known or unknown, each CEO on our Top 50 is special and they all share a common trait: Success.  

Every person on our list has their own profile so you can find out the net worth of each CEO and find out exactly how they climbed the corporate ladder all the way to the top as well as some unknown and interesting facts about each Chief Executive Officer on our list.

The Top 50 CEO list has been compiled here at CEO Today Magazine by our editorial team based on a wide range of factors, including net worth, company value, public perception and innovation.  But the great thing is that if you disagree then you can vote for the CEO you feel deserves a higher ranking on the list.  The more votes, the higher they’ll go.  So together we’ll be able to decide who is the best CEO Today.