MacKenzie Scott Donates $3.8 Billion To 465 Charities

Billionaire philanthropist MacKenzie Scott, who was formerly married to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, has donated $3.8 billion to 465 charities since June. She has chosen organisations that she believes “support the needs of underrepresented people from groups of all kinds.” 

In a Medium post, Scott said her donations are intended to support all types of people. She made a point of noting that helping any of us can help us all.” 

It’s easy to think of different groups struggling within the same systems as not only separate, but also opposing. Yet when we help one group, we often help them all,” Scott wrote.

She also highlighted that efforts such as investing in workplace and education opportunities for women and girls lead to stronger economic growth. Approximately 60% of the organisations Scott donated to are led by women. 

We don’t advocate for particular policies or reforms. Instead, we seek a portfolio of organisations that supports the ability of all people to participate in solutions. This means a focus on the needs of those whose voices have been underrepresented,” Scott said.

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