Craig Lack

CEO Profile

Name: Craig Lack

Company: J & K Consultants

Field: Management Consultancy

About:  Craig Lack is the Senior Vice President at J&K Consultants, he describes himself as a catalyst, a futurist, an avid learner and a C-Suite motivator. He has paid off over one million dollars of military Veterans’ medical debts as a way to provide meaningful value to those who serve the US. His BHAG is to save employees a billion dollars in out-of-pocket expenses and he is well on his way.

One of his favorite quotes comes from Jeff Bezos is “Your margin is my opportunity.”

Craig takes this to heart as a model for how to represent CEOs and C-Suites across America. Most C-Suites are shocked to learn that their organizations are taking extraordinary unnecessary risk and, by exploiting unrecognized opportunities

The CEO Interview: How To Liberate Trapped Capital Using A Profit Lever Your CFO Ignores 

“One of my rules for life and business are that you have to make deposits before you make withdrawals. “

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