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Name: Nitin Kumar

Company: FTI Consulting

Bio:  Nitin Kumar is a Senior Managing Director at FTI Consulting and is based in San Francisco. Mr. Kumar is a member of the Telecom, Media and Technology practice.

He is currently the Global Leader for the Technology Sector at FTI Consulting, spanning disruptive strategy, transformative operations, M&A and restructuring. Prior leadership roles include organisations like PwC, Deloitte and HP. He has P/L responsibility (>$1b) , led teams (>1000 people) and has experienced 75 countries.

Kumar is an industry veteran who has added value to over 1000 M&A transactions and is experienced  across all types of M&A – Consolidation Plays, Adjacency Moves, Technology Tuck-ins, New Business Model Transition, Distressed M&A, Acqui-hires, Hostile Takeovers and Activist M&A.

He is typically called upon by corporate and private equity clients to help pivot to new business models and adapt to the new ways of doing business, leveraging trends like SaaS, IoT, AI, Blockchain, AR and VR etc.

Kumar is a well-known face globally and is considered one of the most well connected and influential management consultants in the Technology sector.  He believes in leveraging his relationships to create an ecosystem of innovation, learning, connectivity and growth.

An author, thought leader and speaker of international repute, Nitin has won numerous awards for innovation and delivering high-impact results to CEOs and Boards. More recently, he has pioneered new approaches in M&A integration e.g., wargaming, revenue synergies etc. which have quickly become mainstream leading practices.

Nitin is highly certified, holding over a dozen professional credentials who believes that learning is a continuous process and relationships are for life.

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“When it comes to your organisation, be agile and respond quickly”

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