Lina Kandakji

CEO Focus

Name: Lina Kandakji

Company: ARASCA Group

Dr Lina Kandakji is the CEO and Managing Director of ARASCA Group. ARASCA specialises in the field of Pre-hospital Medical equipment and solutions in the UAE and is an ISO 9001-2008 certified organisation and a corporate member of the Dubai Quality Group. Her previous experiences have given her essential knowledge about the GCC market to identify the customers’ needs and how to handle business in a demanding market.

Kandakji’s professional experience in Business & Marketing laid the foundations of ARASCA in 2007, and in 2018, the company celebrated 11 successful years of business continuity thanks to her leadership. She ensures that the company never compromises on quality, in line with her vision to provide the best products based on peoples’ needs, thereby ensuring public care and safety. Further, her personal vision for ARASCA is to be the No. 1 trusted and well-known supplier for pre-hospital Medical equipment in the world.

Her experience in multinational teams enabled her to know how to manage teams of different nationalities and mindsets, how to train the sales team, how to introduce products to the market, effective marketing techniques and how to be a team player in a diverse work environment.

She is committed to providing excellence and superior products as well as maximising the potential of her clients, employees and the company’s partners.

“A CEO should always be looking for new ideas and best management practices and implement them within the company.”

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