Marcel Boekhoorn

Marcel Boekhoorn

CEO Top 50

Name: Marcel Boekhoorn

Company: Ramphastos Investments

Marcel Boekhoorn, is one of Europe’s most progressive and successful CEOs.   After originally training as a CPA he forged a highly successful career in accountancy at Deloitte, becoming the Netherlands’ youngest Partner. In 1994 Marcel left Deloitte to form his own company, Ramphastos.  Within a few years, he had grown the firm’s portfolio and invested capital exponentially after realising spectacular returns through several high-profile exits. In this period, he also laid the foundations for the approach toward building businesses that the firm pursues today: a focus on driving growth on the revenue side of the equation through buy-and-build strategies, marketplace innovation, internationalisation, management empowerment and strategic partnerships.

Today, Marcel is joined by a team of seven partners who share his passion for and hands-on approach to business building as well as his upbeat, solutions-focused and status quo-challenging mindset. As founders, builders, operators and investors in businesses of all sizes and in all phases, Ramphastos’ partners have successfully turned around businesses, created and sold start-ups, launched IPOs and completed de-listings, achieving returns on investment throughout the firm’s growth.  The firm currently holds interests in more than 20 companies with a cumulative revenue above 3.5€ billion and more than 8,000 people employed across a range of sectors from financial services, gaming, new materials and advanced manufacturing and energy and across all continents.

Marcel is also an avid environmentalist and regularly spends his time and money in support of preserving the lives of some of the most endangered species on the planet.  He bought and currently owns a zoo in Utrecht and one of his proudest moments was helping to bring two Pandas from China to the Netherlands to support the Panda breeding programme.  The agreement includes an annual contribution of one million dollars to the preservation of the panda and the conservation of its natural habitat in China.

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“The company’s management and its relationship with its employees is what will make or break the business.”

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