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May 2022

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5 EDITOR’S NOTE STAY CONNECTED! Follow us on: EDITOR’S NOTE UN I V E R S A L ME D I A Katina Hristova Editor All of this and so much more - I hope you enjoy the content in CEO Today’s May 2022 issue! Make sure you check out the full list of features and exclusive interviews over the next pages. If you want to stay connected with us until our next edition, visit our website for more, join the conversation on our Twitter (@ CEOTodayMag) and follow our LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram pages. Best wishes, KATINA HRISTOVA Editor CEO TODAY Copyright 2022 Circulation details can be found at The views expressed in the articles within CEO Today are the contributors’ own, nothing within the announcements or articles should be construed as a profit forecast. All rights reserved. Material contained within this publication is not to be reproduced in whole or part without the prior permission of CEO Today. Disclaimer: Images used in this edition have been done so under the creative commons licenses. For details, see links below. by-sa/3.0/legalcode by-sa/2.0/legalcode by-sa/4.0/legalcode Hello and welcome to the May 2022 edition of CEO Today Magazine! As the world continues to be shaken by news about the war in Ukraine, geopolitical instability, inflation, recession, the pandemic and countless other crises, I’m happy to present CEO Today’s May edition, which will hopefully bring some positivity and inspiration to our readers. Here are some of our favourite stories from CEO Today’s May 2022 edition: VISION & ST www.ceotodaymagazin in for the Lessons Age Perpetu Cris John Society is at the brink. The forces us apart appear stronger than tho bring us together, creating a new un state. How is a CEO supposed to the health of their company in t of perpetual crisis? John Davis o 5 Business Strate 5 Lessons in Business Strategy for the Age of Perpetual Crisis The Set Collection & the Jewels of the Luxury Hotel Industry 48 34 74 38 Inspire Passion Through Leadership Why CEOs Need to be More like Ted Lasso

6 CONTENTS A Look Inside the Cannabinoid Industry & its Exciting Future 12 THE CEO INTERVIEW 12. Sohail Zaidi CEO Ananda Scientific Inc. 16. Juliet Jones CEO & Proprietor CHRE 20. Shaun Chilton CEO Clinigen 24. Phil Riley Boom Radio 28. Waqas Ahmed Founder & CEO American TelePhysicians CONTENTS 8 Monthly-Round-Up 12 32 36 THE DISRUPTORS EXECUTIVE COACHING 34. Why CEOs Need to be More like Ted Lasso 38. Inspire Passion Through Leadership 20 Delivering the Right Medicine to the Right Patient at the Right Time

7 34 Why CEOs Need to be More like Ted Lasso 42 52 VISION & STRATEGY TRAVEL & LIFESTYLE 44. How to be a More Emotionally Intelligent Leader 48. 5 Lessons in Business Strategy for the Age of Perpetual Crisis 54. Chelsea Harbour Hotel & Spa The Perfect London Escape 64. 4 Up-and-Coming Luxury Home Additions & Tips for an Eye- Catching Listing 74. The Set Collection & the Jewels of the Luxury Hotel Industry 38 Inspire Passion Through Leadership 54 Chelsea Harbour Hotel & Spa The Perfect London Escape How to be a More Emotionally Intelligent Leader 44 8 MONTHLY ROUND - UP N EWS The Stories Everyone’s been Talking about Tesla CEO Elon Musk Buys Twitter for $44 Billion Elon Musk has reached a $44 billion deal to acquire Twitter. The deal was shaken upon on Monday 25 April after weeks of speculation about the social media giant’s future following Musk’s emergence as the platform’s largest single shareholder on 4 April. Ten days later, Musk then declared a takeover bid, offering $54.20 per Twitter share. Initially, Twitter’s board appeared to be against the takeover and introduced a “poison pill” in a bid to block the sale. However, they warmed to the idea after Musk announced a funding package for the deal, which includes $21 billion of his own wealth as well as debt funding fromMorgan Stanley. In the past,Muskhas criticisedTwitter, claiming it does not allow free speech. In a tweet that followed confirmation of the deal being accepted, Musk wrote: “Free speech is the bedrock of a functioning democracy, and Twitter is the digital town square where matters vital to the future of humanity are debated […] I also want to make Twitter better than ever by enhancing the product with new features, making the algorithms open source to increase trust, defeating spambots, and authenticating all humans. Twitter has tremendous potential – I look forward to working with the company and the community of users to unlock it.” Photo: Wikicommons - Steve Jurvetson

The World’s First Hydrogen-Powered Helicopter is in Development Piasecki Aircraft Corp (PIAC) and EDM aerotec have teamed up to develop the world’s first hydrogen-powered helicopter. John Piasecki, CEO of PIAC, known for its long history of developing experimental aircraft, has saidhis company will be undertaking the world’s first human-carrying flight tests aboard EDM aerotec’s CoAX-2D helicopter. According to, the hydrogen-powered aircraft will use an 80-kW HyPoint high-temperature proton-exchange membrane (HTPEM) fuel cell. EDM aerotec will collaborate with PIAC to bring the CoAX-2D to the US market, potentially as soon as next year. “Both partners can continue to develop and complement their know-how—this is the perfect prerequisite for future developments,” EDM aerotec CEO Anja Ernst said in a statement. To support its research, PIAC has obtained two CoAX2D helicopters for engineering and flight evaluations. The company says the hydrogen version of the CoAX2D will consist of a battery, hydrogen tank, electric motor, power inverter, computer controller, four cooling fans, plus an oxygen tank. 9 MONTHLY ROUND - UP Kurt Cobain’s Guitar Could Fetch Up to $800,000 in May Auction Kurt Cobain’s left-handed 1969 blue Fender Mustang will go under the hammer with Julien’s Auctions at the end of May as part of the auction house’s three-day Music Icons event. Cobain can be seen playing the guitar in the music video for Smells Like Teen Spirit, which depicts a riotous high school pep rally inspired by Jonathan Kaplan’s 1979 film Over The Edge and the Ramones’ film Rock ‘n’ Roll High School. The video was many fans’ first introduction to Nirvana, with the track launching the trio to global fame. However, after enjoying years of success, Cobain committed suicide in 1994 at the age of just 27. In the musician’s final interview with Guitar World, Cobain said: “I’m left-handed, and it’s not very easy to find reasonably priced, high-quality left-handed guitars. But out of all the guitars in the whole world, the Fender Mustang is my favourite.”

THE CEO INTERVIEW 12 A Look Inside the Cannabinoid Industry & its Exciting Future 16 The HR CEO 20 Delivering the Right Medicine to the Right Patient at the Right Time 24 Booming Success 28 How American TelePhysicians is Disrupting Healthcare

THE CEO INTERVIEW 12 THE CANNABINOID INDUSTRY A Look Inside & its Exciting Future Sohail Zaidi is the CEO of Ananda Scientific Inc – a research-focused Biotech company concentrating on providing health and wellness by unleashing the potential of cannabinoid science. Cannabinoids are known to have therapeutic potential, but they are unable to reach it in the absence of viable delivery technology, a scientific research-based approach to drug development and a committed team that is patient enough to take a long-term view. Sohail’s diversified background in engineering, international operations and business strategy has allowed him to look at the current industry landscape as an opportunity for disruptive innovation. Taking a leaf out of Clay Christenson’s disruptive innovation principles, Ananda Scientific has developed a strategy that leverages the company’s patented delivery technology licensed from their scientific partners in Israel, with National Institute of Health (NIH) funded investigators at prestigious academic hospitals in the US to target mainstream health indications like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Anxiety, Radiculopathic pain, Opioid Use Disorder and Alzheimer’s. In a cannabinoid industry where companies are focused on a short-term gain, Ananda Scientific is taking a long-term view by building competencies in pharmaceutical development to laser focus on unmet medical needs where there is some scientific evidence that cannabinoids can potentially provide a therapeutic benefit. The vision around this strategy is to use the power of cannabinoids to improve the quality of life of a large population suffering from debilitating health conditions. Sohail Zaidi, CEO of Ananda Scientific Inc.


THE CEO INTERVIEW 14 Tell us more about the work you’re doing on cannabinoids? Ananda Scientific is a leading research-focused Biotech company pioneering high-calibre clinical studies evaluating indications such as PTSD, Radiculopathic Pain, Anxiety and Opioid Use Disorder. The company employs patented delivery technology (licensed from Lyotropic Delivery Systems Ltd, in Jerusalem Israel), to make cannabinoids and other plant-derived compounds highly bioavailable, water-soluble, and shelf-life stable thereby producing effective, premium quality pharmaceutical products. Consistent with its strong research-based data, the company also has a growing pipeline of nutraceutical over-thecounter products. The company has successfully launched these products in the US, Australia, and the UK, with expansion planned into additional markets such as the EU, China, Africa, and other countries in Asia. We are expanding our research base through multiple sponsored research agreements with universities to diversify our technology portfolio. Can you tell us what you think the future holds for the cannabinoid industry? We firmly believe the future of the cannabinoid industry lies in conducting well-designed placebocontrolled clinical studies to fully understand how cannabinoids work in the human body and to generate clinical evidence for an optimal therapeutic response for targeted disease indications. There is a lot of noise in the industry but very few companies are taking a science and pharmaceutical-based approach. Both the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the US National Institute of Health (NIH) are clear in their approach to encouraging well designed clinical trials while advocating for a tightening of regulations around the nutraceutical use of cannabinoid products. What role will Adanda Scientific play in this? We see ourselves as an industry leader as we advance our clinical program to develop effective cannabinoid medicines based on our delivery technologies. Our goal is to provide new therapeutics to address significant medical needs. Research of pharmaceutical drugs is a long process, but we remain committed to our end goal of bringing effective cannabinoid medicines to the market. We have established a scientific research collaboration in Israel to continuously develop new innovative and cutting-edge drug delivery systems. Here in the US, we have focused on building a robust clinical development infrastructure with a broad blend of competencies to position Ananda Scientific as a leader in cannabinoid clinical trials with academic hospitals. We work with selective NIH funded Clinical Investigators as an industry partner pursuing well designed clinical research protocols that target indications where a strong scientific hypothesis exists. With five FDA approved phase 2 trials in progress, and two others in advanced stages of planning we are confident that we will be able to provide the necessary data that will help unleash the potential of cannabinoids. Ananda Scientific strives to be the face of American innovation in this field and as a team, our goal is to create something meaningful and lasting. What are you currently working on? Currently, we have five FDA Ananda Scientific strives to be the face of American innovation in this field and as a team, our goal is to create something meaningful and lasting. “ “

THE CEO INTERVIEW 15 the program. My entire professional background up until then had been in engineering and manufacturing. I started as an electrical engineer at Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) which was among the largest multinationals in the world at that time. After completing executive business education at INSEAD in France, I took a leadership position in a packaging company operating in the beverage industry working with Coca Cola and Pepsi. This was followed by an assignment in the Oil and Gas Industry working in system integration and automation. With this background as I reflected with my peers on a future life goal, I felt that I would like to get into a career that allows me to influence the lives of a large number of people positively. I had no idea how I would achieve this vision as it had no overlap with the type of organisations I had led in the past. Regardless of that my discussion colleagues at HBS approved clinical studies underway, that are using our investigational cannabinoid drugs (Nantheia™) focused on PTSD, Radiculapethic Pain, Opioid sparing, and Opioid Use Disorder. Trials range from 24 to 240 subjects and are being conducted in prestigious academic institutions within the US. In the future, we are planning to extend our clinical study program to target additional disease indications like anxiety and Alzheimer’s. In parallel, our scientists are working on developing new innovative delivery technologies to prepare for future needs. How fulfilling do you find your role at Ananda Scientific from a personal perspective? In 2012, I was completing an Executive Program at Harvard Business School (HBS) that focused on Strategy and Business Leadership. One of the last sessions at the end of the six months was focused on developing a personal life goal by utilising the leadership development tools and frameworks that we had learnt over the course of encouraged me to record this as a future goal if that is what inspired me for the next chapter of my life. Fast track to 2022, I now find myself to be lucky enough to be leading Ananda Scientific which has the potential to bring significant change to the lives of a large population suffering from debilitating conditions like PTSD, Opioid Use Disorder, Anxiety or Alzheimer’s. I feel that the diversity of leadership and operational experience I have had has positioned me uniquely to achieve this objective. I am blessed to have a wonderful team of colleagues who are committed to the vision of the company. Together we strive to convert our innovative company into something meaningful and lasting. Only time will tell if we achieve this objective, but we are committed to taking our best shot to make Ananda Scientific the face of American innovation in the cannabinoid industry.

The HR CEO Juliet N. Jones is the CEO and Proprietor of CHRE (Certified HR Experts Consulting, LLC - formerly VIP Fortune 500 Consulting). CHRE is a personal and professional development /consulting firm offering Human Resources and Business Solutions to small to larger businesses and/or nonprofit organisations that either do not have in-house HR departments or want to downsize and outsource their HR department’s work. Juliet is also an Author, Speaker, and respected Executive Leader who works with many businesses in the private and public sectors. Juliet is dedicated to helping other entrepreneurs and/or business owners by empowering them to Dream-Build-Win through her motivational and inspirational online broadcasting channels such as “Ask Julie the HR Expert at CHRE”! Juliet has made numerous impactful speeches at conferences, workshops, and summits derived from her books titled: “Tired of Being Tired” (rechargerefuel-restart), “The Parentpreneur Survival Guide Co-Authors Edition”, and more recently her book titled “A Crash Course in Human Resources”. Juliet holds her Master’s degree in Business, a Certification in Life Coaching/Executive Leadership, and a Professional Certification in Human Resource Management. She has more than 15 years of in-depth experience as a results-oriented Senior HumanResource Business Partner/ appointed EEOC Officer/Labor Relations Consultant and Manager for both union and non-union work environments. In her spare time, Juliet enjoys hobbies such as Co-hosting at iHeartMedia on the weekends on an inspirational globally broadcasted program called “Echoes of Glory”. Juliet also enjoys singing gospel music under her stage name J. Nichole. She is a supporting member of the National Congress of Black Women Inc., an Executive Member of the Big Brothers Big Sisters Justice, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion team, and the Executive Board Member of the Greater Harrisburg Area NAACP Chapter. Juliet is also the founder of the “Single Parents on the go” nonprofit organisation. Most importantly she loves spending quality time with her family cooking, doing karaoke, and playing board games! Juliet Jones, MBA/CHRM/CEL/CDR CEO & Proprietor of CHRE

As the CEO, what are you working on, and what is next for you and your team of Human Resource Experts? Currently, I am updating my vision board to stay focused on the promises of God as I continue to claim success in 5 areas of my life - spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically, and financially. My vision board reminds me why I do what I do each day and inspires me to continue to go after my dreams. I am also in the process of preparing for a few HR webinars, summits, and conferences. Kicking off the new year, I am finalising recordings to launch new episodes for my online channels such as “The VIP Corner” (a tv talk show that highlights local heroes and front-line workers in various communities) and my second channel titled “Ask Julie at CHRE” (where I provide answers to frequently asked HR and/or business-related questions). In addition, Certified HR Experts, LLC is committed to fostering, cultivating, and preserving a culture of diversity, equality, and inclusion. Our team is excited to assist current and new clients with unparalleled knowledge and service related to Employment Laws, Employee Relations, and Talent Acquisition. did not prefer a good or great doctor to perform surgery on my mom or dad…we preferred the experts! Businesses deserve the same level of service and care which is why I founded Certified HR Experts Consulting, LLC. What has been the greatest challenge in your industry and how have you overcome it? A career as an HR Consultant can be extremely rewarding, but it can also be a bit of a challenge. One big challenge I have faced personally is “time management.” Often my team and I are so focused on our clients’ “external tasks” that we end up working after hours /overtime getting to our own “internal tasks.” How did I overcome these challenges? 1. Automation software. Having the right software to organise and track my own in-house tasks has really helped with time management and reducing overtime. 2. Work-Life Balance. Striking the perfect balance between career and family has always been challenging. My team and I overcome this by not working weekends, utilising PTO, promoting a culture of ‘thanks’ through our employee recognition program, company outings, structural consistency, and more. I have been blessed to have a great team. During the pandemic, we faced unprecedented times as our clients and we assisted them with COVID updates, creating QR Codes for contact tracing, and FAQs from the Department of Health and the CDC to make their daily operations easier. I am humbly thankful for my amazing mentors through my local affiliations of friends’ family, and with other leaders, as well as the HRCPA (Human Resources of Central PA) group, and members of SHRM (Society of Human Resource Management) who encourage me to press forward and hold me accountable when I need it the most. Who is Juliet and what is her superpower? I am Juliet N. Jones a.k.a. Julie or Jewels who is first and foremost a woman of God living my best life. I am a Serial Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Humanitarian, CEO/Proprietor of Certified HR Experts Consulting, LLC., and single parent of two amazing children. To sum it up, I am just a girl from a small town who dared to dream and refused to give up. I am enthusiastic about economic, cultural, and workforce development, as well as advancing the cause of racial justice, equality, and inclusive society. Through the many trials that God helped me through - I am an overcomer! I have learned that failure is a part of success, and I strongly believe in the quote by Zig Ziglar who said: “You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to get started in order to be great!” My superpower is Human Resources. As a Human Resource Business Partner turned CEO, I help businesses and their employees thrive! My role has always been to ensure that policy, best practice, affirmative action, and safety procedures are followed throughout any organisation. I enjoy formulating partnerships across the HR function to deliver value-added service to clients. I love creating environments that provide support to businesses which allows them to focus their attention on staying competitive in a global market and building their brands. I love coaching leaders within the organisation and empowering their staff to reach and/ or exceed their career goals! It is my purpose to help others, deliver excellence, and maintain solid partnerships. My mother is a brain tumour survivor, and my father is a heart patient survivor. I realised two things as my family went through those unprecedented times with my parents. Life is short, and tomorrow is not promised. We should go after our dreams today. Second, my family and I the ceo interview “ The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team. -Phil Jackson “

THE CEO INTERVIEW 21 Shaun Chilton CEO of Clinigen We speak with Shaun Chilton, CEO of Clinigen - a global, specialist pharmaceutical services and products platform focused on providing ethical access to medicines. The Group operates from sites in North America, Europe, Africa and the Asia Pacific. Clinigen has more than 1,000 employees across five continents in 14 countries, with supply and distribution hubs and operational centres of excellence in key long-term growth regions. The Group works with 34 of the top 50 pharmaceutical companies; interacting with over 5,000 hospitals across more than 115 countries. Delivering the Right Medicine to the Right Patient at the Right Time

22 Can you tell us more about Clinigen’s mission and values? At Clinigen, we are dedicated to enabling quicker and broader ethical access to medicines around the world for patients with unmet needs. Our mission is to deliver the right medicine to the right patient at the right time. We achieve this through a global platform offering pre-and post-launch support to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies through the provision of specific services and capabilities. This allows these companies, our partners, to accelerate the development of, and access to, their critical medicines and we are the ‘go to’ place for Healthcare Professionals to gain access to these medicines in a time-efficient and ethically compliant way. A core set of values underpins Clinigen, known as ‘The Clinigen Way’. One of the most positive and inspiring things about this company is the pride in what we do – you can physically feel that pride when you walk into a Clinigen building - and the difference it makes to patients’ lives. Clinigen is a business that does good, vitally important work but it’s not just about what we do but equally as importantly, how we do it. We want our reputation to be the most trusted global provider of access to medicines. That reputation will stand and fall on the quality of our people and our relentless drive for the highest quality standards and efficiency. The patient is central to everything we do, every day. What makes Clinigen unique? Around the world, millions of patients can’t access the medicines they need when they need them. New medicines must go through a complex and lengthy development process before they can be approved and launching these medicines may then take years in some countries and may never happen at all in others. Meanwhile, established medicines may be deprioritised, or long-standing supply chains disrupted. Clinigen exists to enable quicker and broader access to these medicines around the world. Our global platform stretches across a medicine’s lifecycle, from phase II to commercial. Offering a critical service to pharma and biotech companies by simplifying their partnering strategy. And saving time and resources for healthcare professionals sourcing vital products. What makes Clinigen unique is the way we have connected our services and products together to effectively sit between the owners/developers of critically important medicines and the hospital physicians and pharmacists who want access to them - quickly, ethically, and repetitively. We are the only company in the world that has the ability to manage the world’s pharmaceutical markets, whether they be licensed or unlicensed markets. It is the unlicensed markets that are becoming of increasing importance both to the pharma and biotech companies. The companies need to ensure that their medicines reach the right patients at the right time (hence our mission!) and that the supply into markets where the medicine is or remains unlicensed is done in an ethical, regulatory-compliant way for specifically-approved situations. The HCPs need a time-efficient solution to finding these medicines and require the highest standards of quality assurance. By utilising the services and global capabilities of Clinigen, all parties involved benefit. THE CEO INTERVIEW

23 What do you see as the greatest opportunities for Clinigen? Access to medicines is a long-term unmet need for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and healthcare professionals (HCPs) globally. A significant % of the world’s population still don’t have access to the medicines they need. The majority of Research &Development is being done by smaller companies who need to partner around the world as they don’t have the capabilities to manage their medicines globally. We work with 500+ companies but do not offer all our services to all of them and there are plenty more to partner with, so we can certainly expand and extend our business in the next few years. Pressures on global supply chains and the presence of counterfeit and substandard medicines means companies and HCPs need a partner they can rely on and one that can deliver a quality-assured service and solutions globally. With a platform that now spans over 570 pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients and partners and thousands of HCPs that have utilised this platform over the past 12 months, we have the ability to continue to embed ourselves as the critical link between the two sides and maximise the value of these relationships. What else is on Clinigen’s agenda for the next 12 months? The work we do at Clinigen is an important part of our pharma clients’ ESG strategies, for example helping to facilitate better access to medicines on a global basis is directly aligned with some of the UN sustainable development goals – something we ourselves have signed up to. Whilst ESG is something we have had to get better at communicating about to our stakeholders, a lot of the key principles have always been at the core of the business and are not necessarily new. Driving a diverse, responsible, thriving culture has been aligned with our values for some years it just has not necessarily been something we have communicated as well as we could. Our new ESG model helps us better outline our approach to these principles and ensure we have a continued and consistent focus on the right areas. For example, a key area of focus for us over the last 24 months has been employee engagement and we have worked hard to improve on this through management training and an employee engagement platform that is rolled out globally. Another area we are focused on is our impact on the environment and we are already taking steps to put together a more global picture of this so that we can put in place a sensible action plan. Certainly, ESG is here to stay and given the global nature and size of the pharmaceutical industry, we can make a hugely positive difference if we get it right. From a business performance perspective, we continue to turn our significant order book across the Services division into completed projects. Doing this and doing it well is key in FY 2022. Alongside this, the continued progress of the Products division with some interesting expansion opportunities will remain a focus. For more information, visit THE CEO INTERVIEW

Booming Success Boom Radio is a new UK wide radio station aimed at the Baby Boomer generation. It was founded by Phil Riley and David Lloyd — veterans of the British radio industry — who spotted a gap in the market for a new commercial radio station to take on the established players. Launched during lockdown, it has proved a booming success. CEO Today sat down with Phil Riley to hear more. Phil Riley Boom Radio

What is BoomRadio and what inspired you to start the business? My business partner, David Lloyd, is one of commercial radio’s pre-eminent programmers, and it was his notion that BBC Radio 2 were creating a gap in the market by moving to a younger demographic to target everyone aged over 35. He asked me if I thought that presented us with a business opportunity to target older listeners like us. I did a financial projection that supported the idea. That initial email from David to me was in July 2020 at the end of the first lockdown. We were raising money by October! We created Boom Radio as a commercial radio station aimed at the Baby Boomer generation (those born between 1946 and 1964). We launched in February 2021 and now broadcast across the UK on DAB, online and on smart speakers. “Alexa, play Boom Radio” works fine. We are a mix of music and chat, with a presenter line-up that includes David Hamilton (ex BBCR1/R2), Graham Dene (ex Capital, Smooth), David Jensen (ex Luxemburg, BBCR1) and many other Baby Boomer presenters. Our target audience are those 60 and 70 somethings who have become disillusioned with BBC Radio 2. Our music mix is unique for commercial radio — being both broad in era (we range from the 50s to today, but most music is from the 60s and 70s) and having a depth of catalogue. We don’t just play the biggest hits from our core artists, we go quite deep into their music heritage. In some senses, we are a mix of the pirate radio stations, the start of BBCR1/R2, and the early commercial stations –— and our listeners have really responded. Already, our recorded “time spent listening” places us at the top of the commercial radio rajar rankings! Boom Radio is a year old — how have you grown the business in such a competitive industry and what impact has it had on the market? We only raised funds from friends and colleagues - and even then, only from people in the media business who knewwhat they were getting into and who could also provide us with help and expertise from time to time. We deliberately didn’t ask any of the big industry groups to back us so we could run the business independently. That does mean, however, that we don’t have deep pockets, which in turn means we’ve had to be canny on how we marshal our marketing resources. We’ve done a lot of media partnerships and spent a little on targeted TV. Our main focus though has been on PR and social media. As two-thirds of those over 60 are on Facebook, we can target them pretty effectively. The net result of all this is almost 400,000 listeners tuning in every month—a great start and way beyond our expectations. the ceo interview

Listen to Boom Radio here: You’ve had a long career in the UK radio industry, working with some of the biggest brands. What were the key challenges in getting Boom Radio on the airways, and as a startup, how does it compare with being the boss of big business? What we are doing nowwas impossible just a few years ago. In order to run a radio station then you had to “win” a licence from the regulator (OFCOM) for an FM frequency, or alternatively spend a few million pounds buying an existing operation. Only the advent of DAB with its increased capacity — and the rise of online streaming — has allowed operators to simply start up a station if they think they have a good idea. So building a business up from scratch was exciting — and highly risky — and a completely different experience to big boardrooms. I’d highly recommend it! The biggest hurdle to getting on the air was the fact we were launching during a pandemic. This inevitably meant we had to build a “remote” operation, with presenters working from home, doing their shows in sheds, spare bedrooms and attics. In the end, this has been the making of us. We couldn’t have attracted the line-up of talent we have if we’d said to our team they had to come into some plush London studios. Most are semi or almost completely retired. Working from home was a gift for them, providing a new lease of life. We have presenters all over the country — and three beaming in from Spain! One significant change from running a big group is that I don’t think David and I have ever been so close to our listeners. Boom has a completely flat structure so we are incredibly close to what’s going on. We see our minute-by-minute streaming numbers every day; we get feedback on Facebook all the time; we already have close to 10,000 listeners on our database, and they respond enthusiastically to our regular surveys. And their feedback has been amazing – they are constantly telling us howwe have transformed their lives, bringing back music they thought they’d never hear again and supplying the companionship they thought they’d lost from the bigger stations. It’s been really moving for us, this late in our careers, to feel we are still making a difference. What do the next five years look like for BoomRadio? Our internal motto for the station is to help our listeners live their best lives – “still busy living” is our ethos. I’d hope in five years’ time that’s exactly what we are still doing. David is 61 and I’m 62 so we’ve got a few years left in us. Our long-term goal for Boom is to reach 1 million listeners and I think we are well on the way. But we know it will be hard – you have to win people over one at a time. And along the way to those goals we want to continue having fun. Radio is the best business in the world in my opinion, and I’m glad I’m still in it. THE CEO INTERVIEW

THE CEO INTERVIEW 29 Waqas Ahmed is the founder and CEO of American TelePhysicians - a digital healthcare and telemedicine company with operations in multiple countries. ATP has pioneered the concept of online healthcare ecosystems. Utilising its virtual care technology, a network of virtual speciality physicians, and a direct-toconsumer healthcare marketplace platform, American TelePhysicians brings medical services to patients’ doorsteps with price transparency. Besides being an expert and international speaker on telemedicine, Waqas is also a practising Nephrologist in Jacksonville, Florida. We caught up with him to hear all about how his company is disrupting the healthcare field. Waqas Ahmed MD FACP Founder & CEO of American TelePhysicians How American TelePhysicians is Disrupting Healthcare

30 How was the idea about American TelePhysicians born? The idea was born in 2016 out of necessity due to my own experiences; as a physician, patient, and caregiver of my parents. While I immigrated to the US, my parents still lived in Pakistan, and it was getting challenging for me to be closely engaged in their health remotely. I was also disturbed to see those elderly patients in my clinic who were being brought from senior living facilities on stretchers. Both situations led me to look deeply into telemedicine. Around the same time, I hurt my back, and I paid $1800 for my MRI, even with insurance, and it was a surprise bill (the same MRI on our marketplace platform CURA4U can be booked for around $400). So, all these experiences led me to envision an online healthcare eco-system model, which can not only facilitate patients and their family members to get affordable healthcare services with price transparency but also enable healthcare service providers to deliver care to the doorstep. We started with launching SHIFA4U project in Pakistan in 2017, which led to our recognition at United Nations, followed by which we launched projects in the USA. How is the company disrupting the healthcare sector? Telemedicine or Online care is the future of healthcare; however, it is not just physicianto-patient video encounters. Rather, it must be a connected online eco-system to ensure that all the required healthcare services, including diagnostics, remote patient monitoring, pharmacy as well as specialists are interconnected, and that’s what American TelePhysicians (ATP) is doing i.e., building online healthcare eco-systems. It has three integrated verticals, online or virtual care technology (SmartClinix), a healthcare marketplace platform (CURA4U) and multi-speciality physicians. We customise technology platforms based on healthcare settings and workflow requirements to deliver efficient healthcare. We are the first and only telemedicine company that provides online care in all three healthcare sectors, acute care (hospitals), post-acute care (senior living facilities), and chronic care (direct to patients). Our marketplace app CURA4U is disrupting the healthcare marketplace by providing patients access to many healthcare services with price transparency and savings (Amazon of Healthcare model). What are your goals for the future of American TelePhysicians? In 2020, we proudly launched our first speciality project, NeuroX, an online Neurology care portal where patients can do online consultations with board-certified neurologists to discuss their brain health issues. We expanded its services to hospitals and senior living facilities. We then launched SleepRx (an online sleep clinic). Now we are working on launching multiple other online speciality care platforms for heart, kidneys, diabetes, hypertension, and liver diseases. We are also expanding in international markets and looking for partnerships. For example, in Pakistan, we have launched HepRx project to help the government in eradicating hepatitis by offering screening at home followed by online consultations and treatment right at their homes. What do you hope your legacy to be? Honestly, I am passionate about accessible, affordable healthcare for all patients, and want to see ATP a global name in this healthcare space. I am also passionate about entrepreneurship, and I believe young healthcare professionals should also start or join start-ups. I give most of the credit to our incredible team for our success so far. By bringing healthcare to patients’ doorsteps, we are doing our small part to make sure that everyone is receiving the care that they need for a longer, healthier life. THE CEO INTERVIEW So, all these experiences led me to envision an online healthcare ecosystemmodel, which can not only facilitate patients and their family members to get affordable healthcare services with price transparency but also enable healthcare service providers to deliver care to the doorstep. “ “

THE DISRUPTORS 34 Why CEOs Need to be More like Ted Lasso

The popular TV show Ted Lasso depicts a haplessly optimistic American college football coach as he is hired to take over an English football (soccer) team. He needs to win over a team, fans, and a national audience. And he has no choice but to do it in his inimitable folksy and whimsical manner. But between the laughs, there is wisdom in Lasso’s philosophies. I think that you might be so sure that you’re one in a million, that sometimes you forget that out there, you’re just one in 11. In other words, good teammates can put ego to one side and focus on achieving success as a collective. This applies to almost anyone. But it especially applies to business leaders. Justin Pahl, CEO at VMLY&R London Why CEOs Need to be More like Ted Lasso Image: Flickr-Tulsa Area United Way

Kindness not softness For decades, many businesses saw a singular assertive type of leader emerge as the ideal candidate for senior management roles. But out of this grew toxic workplace cultures alongside unflinchingly pale and male leadership teams. Now we know better. Today, leadership isn’t about shouting the loudest or being extremely direct. Modern organisations encourage and nurture new forms of leadership and people who look and sound like the society their businesses navigate – placing a keen focus on the adoption of thoughtful management based on warmth, empathy and kindness. More Ted Lasso than Miranda Priestly. That doesn’t mean some principles of old no longer have a place. Instead, they need to ensure they are meeting the demands of the modern workforce. Those in leadership positions do not exist in a vacuum, and when the world moves on, they must too. Ted Lasso shows us that true leadership starts with empathy, and that kindness is not the same as softness. It’s about putting yourself in someone’s shoes - reacting to and encouraging different traits and personalities to bring them to the fore. If we create any culture of uniformity, overcompetitiveness or blame, then we’re stifling kindness, progress and productivity. More progressive approaches are proving more productive too. At the start of my career in advertising, agencies were macho cultures based on the alpha male attitude of the creative department, which originated and produced the actual advertising. But despite the popularity of Mad Men, these environments are no longer appropriate, or effective. Especially in an industry that is making headway to find a greater diversity balance, of people and thought. Despite this, there is still a pervading sense from more ‘hardnosed’ business types that warmth, kindness and empathy are characteristics of weak leadership. That what’s needed to drive teams forward is a no-nonsense alpha approach from the CEO. But this is not the case. If you need to resort to fear to motivate teams, you are not a leader. Addressing bias leads to greater empathy Leadership positions can put us in front of an uncomfortable mirror. These mirrors are good at revealing biases – even ones we didn’t know we had – and they, whether conscious or unconscious can lead to less empathy. Biases influence our behaviours and decision making constantly, but it is those that are unacknowledged or unnoticed that are dangerous. With knowledge comes power, and with awareness comes action. The more we understand what we think and why, the better we become to recognise our biases and challenge our thinking. More than anyone else in an organisation, leaders must be more hyper-aware of their own biases. Only by addressing these can they begin to build the empathetic and inclusive work culture demanded by today’s workforce. Build positive experiences People at work now want their leaders to do more in terms of creating ‘shared identity’, meaningful interactions and, above all, providing a fulfilling experience that allows them to grow and express themselves fully, according to 2021 McKinsey research on ‘The Great Attrition’. To support this, it’s not only about financial incentives such as better pay and bonuses (though these are always welcome), but mainly the ability to create cultures that facilitate advanced collaboration that encourage individual development. For instance, at VMLY&R, we’ve worked hard on combining groups of people that you’d never have put together in another context, creating exciting moments of overlap, combinations, and friction. We also work to ensure teams have autonomy, giving them the right tools to grow and develop their careers. These ways of working not only foster creativity and build a more collaborative and positive experience for everyone involved, but they help build a business’ competitive advantage. The key to the success of this culture is empathy and equity – and this comes from the top. I favour working amongst my employees, swapping a personal office for a collaborative desk space. It allows me to embed myself within my team and create an environment where we can share ideas and stories about our families and personal lives. It’s about coming together and building genuine human connections. Business leaders are important pieces of a puzzle. But they can’t let ego and bias cloud their vision. As Ted Lasso notes, even the club captain is just ‘one of the eleven on the field’.

38 Inspire Passion Through Leadership Monte Williams, CEO & Founder of ALEU EXECUTIVE COACHING

I believe that everything we need to reach the desired destination of our leadership journey perpetually exists within us or has already been provided through the experiences of one another. “ “ 38 EXECUTIVE COACHING

Inspire Passion Through Leadership Monte Williams knows his purpose in life is to add value to the lives of others. His mission in life is to inspire passion through the leadership of self and others. To that end, he is the CEO and Founder of ALEU | The Leadership Development Company. Their aim is to help professionals to lead themselves more effectively so they can add the most value to their companies. Monte engages, empowers, and coaches the world’s best leaders on how to build the high performing teams, scalable organisational structures, and ensure their workforce is prepared to deliver best-in-class experiences through every touchpoint of the customer journey while consistently identifying new ways to create efficiencies at scale in a sustainable way. Monte believes that every problem in the world can be solved through investment in people. He is an executive coach accredited with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and an international public speaker. Monte is also an author and recently released a book entitled Get In The C.A.R.| The Keys To Sustainable Leadership based on his TEDx Talk. He lives in New Jersey, with his wife Jessica and two sons Logan &Magnus. Monte Williams, CEO & Founder of ALEU 39 EXECUTIVE COACHING

you practice the values of courage, agility and resilience not only will you reach your destination, but you will inspire the passion in others to do the same. How can you help leaders achieve this? I help leaders achieve this by showing them how to lead themselves in a more effective way. All leaders can achieve the keys to sustainable leadership if they are willing to take the journey inward, deep within themselves. During the process, my expertise is highlighted by serving as a guide through the introspective journey of self-discovery. I use experiences that already exist in their lives as data points of the foundational framework for how they can lead themselves in a more effective way. Once they understand how to do this consistently, they can add more value to their lives and to all people they encounter. Why is it beneficial for leaders to work with a coach? There is a saying that goes “you don’t know what you don’t know”. As humans, we all have blind spots that limit us in one way or another. The reason why it is beneficial to work with a coach is because they help to remove the limitations and blockers that hold us back from being the best versions of ourselves and living the most fulfilling lives we can. Coaches accomplish this in the following four ways: 1. Awareness - They create awareness around your blind spots. 2. Investigation - They help you investigate whether you want to improve some of the opportunities that were found in your blind spots. 3. Motivation - They motivate you to develop an action plan on how to achieve that improvement. 4. Partnership - They partner with you on implementing a system of accountability that is long term and selfsustaining. Can you tell us a bit about the keys to sustainable leadership you talked about in your TEDx Talk? I believe that leadership can be simplified into a set of finite, intangible values that produce tangible, sustainable results. Those values spell the acronym C.A.R. which is why the TEDx talk is entitled Get In The C.A.R.| The Keys To Sustainable Leadership. The first value is courage. Just as a car cannot move without an engine, we as leaders, cannot move through our journey without courage. Courage is the engine that drives all of our actions. As a leader, courage is the ability to take the necessary action within oneself to impact the most favourable change in one’s environment (business or personal). The second value is agility. Just as a car cannot manoeuvre the road without being able to steer, we as leaders, cannot manoeuvre through our journey without agility. Agility is the steering that allows us to navigate accurately. When we as leaders can be agile enough to respond to real-life stimuli, objectively, and still maintain our focus on the greater goal, we exponentially increase the probability of achieving that goal, regardless of what it is. The third and final value is resilience. Just as a car cannot reach its destination if it can’t last the duration of the trip, we as leaders, cannot reach the destination of our journey without resilience. Resilience is the toughness to weather difficult environments while remaining acutely focused on the desired result long enough to achieve it. Often times the difference between those that succeed, (however you define success) and those that fail is that those that succeed just held out a little longer. They were so acutely focused on achieving their desired result that there was a blunt refusal to compromise their efforts. Leadership is a journey where the destination is best defined by the traveller. So regardless of where you’re headed, if What are the key benefits they expect after working with you? My clients experience a myriad of benefits after working with me despite whether the client is an individual or a corporation. Those benefits include but are not limited to the following: Financial Gain - On average, my individual clients experience a 40% - 50% increase in their salary within the 1st 6-9 months of our partnership. My corporate clients report a 20% - 25% increase in bottom-line revenue due to the investment made into their employees of over the same time frame. Increased Engagement, Efficiency & Productivity - My corporate clients experience a 25% - 30% increase in efficiency and productivity within the first six months of our partnership. They also report a 15% - 20% increase in employee engagement and satisfaction which has led to decreased attrition and greater overall cost savings. More Heightened Awareness - All clients report more heightened awareness around how they can lead themselves and their businesses more effectively. Since I believe that one of the signs of great leadership is not how well something can work while you are there, but rather how well something can work without you; all clients are left with an actionable framework to repeat the success we’ve achieved together far after our partnership has ended. Renewed Sense of Purpose & Fulfillment - After working with me, all clients report a renewed sense of purpose and fulfilment for themselves and their businesses. The best part is that over time, this permeates throughout all aspects of their lives. Tell us a little bit about your coaching methods. I believe that everything we need to reach the desired destination of our leadership journey perpetually exists within us or 40 EXECUTIVE COACHING

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