CEO Today - May 2022

THE CEO INTERVIEW 15 the program. My entire professional background up until then had been in engineering and manufacturing. I started as an electrical engineer at Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) which was among the largest multinationals in the world at that time. After completing executive business education at INSEAD in France, I took a leadership position in a packaging company operating in the beverage industry working with Coca Cola and Pepsi. This was followed by an assignment in the Oil and Gas Industry working in system integration and automation. With this background as I reflected with my peers on a future life goal, I felt that I would like to get into a career that allows me to influence the lives of a large number of people positively. I had no idea how I would achieve this vision as it had no overlap with the type of organisations I had led in the past. Regardless of that my discussion colleagues at HBS approved clinical studies underway, that are using our investigational cannabinoid drugs (Nantheia™) focused on PTSD, Radiculapethic Pain, Opioid sparing, and Opioid Use Disorder. Trials range from 24 to 240 subjects and are being conducted in prestigious academic institutions within the US. In the future, we are planning to extend our clinical study program to target additional disease indications like anxiety and Alzheimer’s. In parallel, our scientists are working on developing new innovative delivery technologies to prepare for future needs. How fulfilling do you find your role at Ananda Scientific from a personal perspective? In 2012, I was completing an Executive Program at Harvard Business School (HBS) that focused on Strategy and Business Leadership. One of the last sessions at the end of the six months was focused on developing a personal life goal by utilising the leadership development tools and frameworks that we had learnt over the course of encouraged me to record this as a future goal if that is what inspired me for the next chapter of my life. Fast track to 2022, I now find myself to be lucky enough to be leading Ananda Scientific which has the potential to bring significant change to the lives of a large population suffering from debilitating conditions like PTSD, Opioid Use Disorder, Anxiety or Alzheimer’s. I feel that the diversity of leadership and operational experience I have had has positioned me uniquely to achieve this objective. I am blessed to have a wonderful team of colleagues who are committed to the vision of the company. Together we strive to convert our innovative company into something meaningful and lasting. Only time will tell if we achieve this objective, but we are committed to taking our best shot to make Ananda Scientific the face of American innovation in the cannabinoid industry.

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