CEO Today - May 2022

THE CEO INTERVIEW 12 THE CANNABINOID INDUSTRY A Look Inside & its Exciting Future Sohail Zaidi is the CEO of Ananda Scientific Inc – a research-focused Biotech company concentrating on providing health and wellness by unleashing the potential of cannabinoid science. Cannabinoids are known to have therapeutic potential, but they are unable to reach it in the absence of viable delivery technology, a scientific research-based approach to drug development and a committed team that is patient enough to take a long-term view. Sohail’s diversified background in engineering, international operations and business strategy has allowed him to look at the current industry landscape as an opportunity for disruptive innovation. Taking a leaf out of Clay Christenson’s disruptive innovation principles, Ananda Scientific has developed a strategy that leverages the company’s patented delivery technology licensed from their scientific partners in Israel, with National Institute of Health (NIH) funded investigators at prestigious academic hospitals in the US to target mainstream health indications like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Anxiety, Radiculopathic pain, Opioid Use Disorder and Alzheimer’s. In a cannabinoid industry where companies are focused on a short-term gain, Ananda Scientific is taking a long-term view by building competencies in pharmaceutical development to laser focus on unmet medical needs where there is some scientific evidence that cannabinoids can potentially provide a therapeutic benefit. The vision around this strategy is to use the power of cannabinoids to improve the quality of life of a large population suffering from debilitating health conditions. Sohail Zaidi, CEO of Ananda Scientific Inc.

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