CEO Today - May 2022

Incorporate 2022 luxury trends Keeping on top of the latest trends in luxury home style ensures you can make your listing the best it can be. Increasingly, the home is expanding to include spaces where we can escape from our work into our own relaxation area. Moroccan-style spas are a great option, with jacuzzi features and bright, floral décor to create a summery atmosphere all year round. There are also many utilitarian décor features that are becoming more popular, inspired by the British Italian architect Richard Rodgers. Clean, minimal designs in luxurious high-quality wood makes a home really pop in photos. Larger, detailed light fixtures are set to be a big part of 2022 design, with hanging crystal chandeliers and glass light fixtures in intricate and sculptural fittings set to be a big hit this year. Equally, biophilia is expected to become even more popular, so encompassing beautiful foliage features in the home can really go the extra mile. Ambitious projects like living walls and ceilings, indoor water features, and manicured courtyards will add the finishing touch to the home. Selling your property means creating an eye-catching listing that draws in potential buyers to maximise the value of your home. Consider adding some luxury renovations to your house, and make sure your property is well-decorated and fitted with modern features. This will set your listing apart and allow you to ask for the best offers when making your sale. We share a few of the most luxurious trends you can try in 2022, plus some tips for décor, staging, and closing the sale.

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