CEO Today - May 2022

23 What do you see as the greatest opportunities for Clinigen? Access to medicines is a long-term unmet need for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and healthcare professionals (HCPs) globally. A significant % of the world’s population still don’t have access to the medicines they need. The majority of Research &Development is being done by smaller companies who need to partner around the world as they don’t have the capabilities to manage their medicines globally. We work with 500+ companies but do not offer all our services to all of them and there are plenty more to partner with, so we can certainly expand and extend our business in the next few years. Pressures on global supply chains and the presence of counterfeit and substandard medicines means companies and HCPs need a partner they can rely on and one that can deliver a quality-assured service and solutions globally. With a platform that now spans over 570 pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients and partners and thousands of HCPs that have utilised this platform over the past 12 months, we have the ability to continue to embed ourselves as the critical link between the two sides and maximise the value of these relationships. What else is on Clinigen’s agenda for the next 12 months? The work we do at Clinigen is an important part of our pharma clients’ ESG strategies, for example helping to facilitate better access to medicines on a global basis is directly aligned with some of the UN sustainable development goals – something we ourselves have signed up to. Whilst ESG is something we have had to get better at communicating about to our stakeholders, a lot of the key principles have always been at the core of the business and are not necessarily new. Driving a diverse, responsible, thriving culture has been aligned with our values for some years it just has not necessarily been something we have communicated as well as we could. Our new ESG model helps us better outline our approach to these principles and ensure we have a continued and consistent focus on the right areas. For example, a key area of focus for us over the last 24 months has been employee engagement and we have worked hard to improve on this through management training and an employee engagement platform that is rolled out globally. Another area we are focused on is our impact on the environment and we are already taking steps to put together a more global picture of this so that we can put in place a sensible action plan. Certainly, ESG is here to stay and given the global nature and size of the pharmaceutical industry, we can make a hugely positive difference if we get it right. From a business performance perspective, we continue to turn our significant order book across the Services division into completed projects. Doing this and doing it well is key in FY 2022. Alongside this, the continued progress of the Products division with some interesting expansion opportunities will remain a focus. For more information, visit THE CEO INTERVIEW

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