CEO Today - May 2022

22 Can you tell us more about Clinigen’s mission and values? At Clinigen, we are dedicated to enabling quicker and broader ethical access to medicines around the world for patients with unmet needs. Our mission is to deliver the right medicine to the right patient at the right time. We achieve this through a global platform offering pre-and post-launch support to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies through the provision of specific services and capabilities. This allows these companies, our partners, to accelerate the development of, and access to, their critical medicines and we are the ‘go to’ place for Healthcare Professionals to gain access to these medicines in a time-efficient and ethically compliant way. A core set of values underpins Clinigen, known as ‘The Clinigen Way’. One of the most positive and inspiring things about this company is the pride in what we do – you can physically feel that pride when you walk into a Clinigen building - and the difference it makes to patients’ lives. Clinigen is a business that does good, vitally important work but it’s not just about what we do but equally as importantly, how we do it. We want our reputation to be the most trusted global provider of access to medicines. That reputation will stand and fall on the quality of our people and our relentless drive for the highest quality standards and efficiency. The patient is central to everything we do, every day. What makes Clinigen unique? Around the world, millions of patients can’t access the medicines they need when they need them. New medicines must go through a complex and lengthy development process before they can be approved and launching these medicines may then take years in some countries and may never happen at all in others. Meanwhile, established medicines may be deprioritised, or long-standing supply chains disrupted. Clinigen exists to enable quicker and broader access to these medicines around the world. Our global platform stretches across a medicine’s lifecycle, from phase II to commercial. Offering a critical service to pharma and biotech companies by simplifying their partnering strategy. And saving time and resources for healthcare professionals sourcing vital products. What makes Clinigen unique is the way we have connected our services and products together to effectively sit between the owners/developers of critically important medicines and the hospital physicians and pharmacists who want access to them - quickly, ethically, and repetitively. We are the only company in the world that has the ability to manage the world’s pharmaceutical markets, whether they be licensed or unlicensed markets. It is the unlicensed markets that are becoming of increasing importance both to the pharma and biotech companies. The companies need to ensure that their medicines reach the right patients at the right time (hence our mission!) and that the supply into markets where the medicine is or remains unlicensed is done in an ethical, regulatory-compliant way for specifically-approved situations. The HCPs need a time-efficient solution to finding these medicines and require the highest standards of quality assurance. By utilising the services and global capabilities of Clinigen, all parties involved benefit. THE CEO INTERVIEW

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