Customers Of 2022: Books To Read Today, To Understand Customers Of Tomorrow

The Future of Global Retail

When looking for a demonstration of how businesses have innovated and adapted to rapidly changing customer expectations, China’s retail revolution offers some fascinating insights that all industries can learn from. The Future of Global Retail not only presents some eye-opening examples of what is happening in China, but also the why, so readers can prepare themselves for what comes next.

The book is written by IMD Professors Winter Nie and Mark J Greeven, based on their insider perspectives on the Chinese retail industry. Through a series of exclusive interviews and case studies, they identify some critical stages in the emerging retail trends such as lifestyle e-commerce, social commerce, livestream selling and invisible commerce, all of which could have implications for customer experience and expectations well beyond retail.

The world of retail may have already been upended, but The Future of Global Retail offers inspirational lessons in innovation, customer-centricity, digital disruption, purpose and agility for executives everywhere

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