Top 8 Hosted VoIP Systems: Which One Is For You?

With the constant evolution of the technological landscape continuing to advance, many businesses are finding that conventional landlines just aren’t cutting it anymore. This is where VoIP systems can come into play in a really multifaceted way, as they offer three-dimensional communication via their digitised functionalities.

As a cloud-centred service, VoIP systems are a wonderfully cost-effective option to consider, especially factoring in rates of remote working. There are a large variety of VoIP providers available to companies who are interested in pursuing modernised team communication, which means that finding a system that is compatible with your brand may seem difficult. To avoid struggling too much with this, stick around as we break down the top 8 hosted VoIP systems for your perusal.  

1. Video Conferencing 

The most pertinent advantage of employing a hosted VoIP system is the opportunity for consistent video conferencing. This is a real game changer in terms of optimising the level of efficient communication both internally between employee to employee, and externally with potential collaborators. 

2. Smartphone Integration 

Building off of our last point, it is clear that the importance of flexible communication is integral to the sustained success of any company. This is where hosted VoIP systems really take effect, as they allow for professional smartphone usage by reducing call costs while enabling desk phone functionalities. 

3. Webinars 

An often-overlooked utility that VoIP systems afford their clients is the broadcasting of webinars from any location. A “webinar” is a live video conference supplied over the internet, in which hosts can invite guests and showcase slideshows for an optimal feed. This technology is brilliant for connecting with other brands and promoting new projects to a sea of prospective clientele. 

4. Business VoIP

Business VoIP is where the cloud-based mechanism of these hosted phone systems begins to shine. It is a great way for companies to maximise their level of precise communication while keeping track of their correspondence.  For example, the Horizon Hosted Phone System is optimised for this exact purpose, with the inclusion of an easy-to-access web portal that allows total control over a brand’s telephony. 

5. Scalable VoIP systems

Another crucial aspect is the level of scalability of the VoIP system you choose. “Scalability” in this context refers to the ability to delegate communicative tasks to an automated virtual assistant service that’s remote, in order to focus on more pressing issues within your workplace. This is an extremely efficacious way to increase the productivity of your team via innovative tech. 

6. Unified communications

The ability to connect all sectors of a singular company beneath one mode of communication is a genuinely powerful marketing and business tool. An effective VoIP system should centre around providing a high level of adaptable transmission methods while encouraging fast paced employee communication

7. Virtual contact centre

A strong VoIP system essentially functions as a hyper-modernised version of the office phone, with none of the limitations. This is apparent in the implementation of the “virtual contact centre” feature. Being able to make phone calls over the internet enables team members to be able to offer immediate service of their skills without wasting time. 

8. Voice messaging

An underrated form of communication popularised by hosted VoIP systems is the usage of voice messaging. This is a fantastic alternative to the usual go-to method of video calls or texting, allowing for a more emotive form of transmission that makes the tone of the message appear very clear and concise. 

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