7 Inventive Ways To Boost Productivity

Employee productivity is the key to success for all businesses, regardless of the industry.

Employees who are healthy and motivated will perform well in their day-to-day duties. Their efficiency directly determines the quality of work done and the time it takes to complete the specific tasks. There are many inventive ways to boost employees’ productivity as follows:

  1. Improve the working conditions

Comfort at the workplace plays a crucial role in improving employee productivity. It is, therefore, essential to improve the working environment to minimise distractions and time wastage during working hours. For instance, you should have the workplace thoroughly cleaned every day; have working heating and cooling systems and drinking water readily available.

  1. Use an employee benefits management platform

This is a platform that hosts all employee benefit schemes for your workers. Motivated employees will always work harder towards the benefits offered by a business or organisation. Zest’s employee benefits software is great in this respect and is just one way to motivate your employees. It increases productivity because workers feel valued and have the morale to make the best for the rewards in place. Using an employee benefits management platform is very easy and requires less time to manage. It also offers convenience to the employer.

  1. Set attainable goals

The major reason why employees lose motivation in their duties is having too much work to handle in a limited time frame. Having unrealistic goals is a motivation killer for many people. It is, therefore, essential to have realistic and attainable goals at the workplace so that your employees feel motivated. This further increases their productivity at work because they are optimistic that they can complete their tasks without straining too much.

  1. Eliminate work-related stress

A recent survey showed that more than 50% of stressed employees have low productivity in the workplace. Generally, it is not practical to combine creativity and stress. This means that people struggling to be creative at work cannot have better productivity. Therefore, to prevent this, it is essential to inspire your employees to alleviate workplace stress. This can also be done by recommending short breaks in between your working schedule for your workers to relax their minds to improve their concentration.

  1. Encourage employees to brainstorm

It is important as an employer to schedule time for your workers to brainstorm. This not only results in coming up with innovative ideas but also increases each employee’s creativity and thus boosts productivity. This can be done by subdividing your employees into small groups depending on their numbers or the departments in which they operate. Brainstorming will increase employee engagement and productivity where everyone will have equal chances of thinking creatively without any disruptions or pressure.

  1. Team collaboration

Team collaboration at the workplace plays a significant role in boosting employee productivity. When your employees collaborate, they share random ideas from which you can get creative answers for a particular solution. Through this collaboration, you will know some strengths and weaknesses among your employees that affect their general productivity at the workplace.

  1. Change of environment for some activities

For your employees to be more innovative and increase their productivity, it is essential to switch up the environment in which they hold meetings or discussions. Getting used to the usual spots for various events sometimes results in boredom and does not give room for new ideas. Parks and outdoor spots can be surprisingly great places for meetings. 

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