Pros And Cons Of Pamphlet Advertisement In 2022

Technology has made almost every sector of the world, including marketing easier. There are now faster, easier, and more effective means to reach the target audience. With mobile devices, producers, wholesalers, and retailers can get products and services to potential customers. 

This technological revolution has made people tag traditional forms of marketing like pamphlet advertising, as outdated. However, they fail to realise that there’s no absolute way of marketing. Different methods work for different businesses. Like every other form of marketing, pamphlet advertising has its pros and cons. 

This article explores the pros and cons of pamphlets advertising – allowing you to determine whether or not it is right for your business. 

Is pamphlet advertising beneficial? 

Every business has to try out multiple marketing types to determine what works for them. Even at that, businesses must remain flexible when it comes to marketing. Advertising online is the smart, logical thing to do as a business. This is to ensure that your business follows the trend because a good part of the global population has access to the internet. 

However, this does not mean the traditional forms of advertising should be pushed aside. Pamphlet advertising can also bring some benefits to your business. Below are some pros and cons of pamphlet advertising every business should know. Based on these pros and cons, businesses can decide if using that advertising technique will be beneficial in the long run. 

Pros of pamphlet advertising 

The use of pamphlet advertising as a marketing strategy presents some advantages to your organisation. Below we’ve discussed some of them. 

  • It is cost-effective 

This is one of pamphlet advertising’s most popular advantages. It is one of the cheapest methods of marketing. Small businesses or startups can use pamphlet advertising to let potential customers or clients know about their brands. These businesses usually don’t have the capital to fund large digital marketing campaigns. Hence, pamphlet advertising is a good way to start. 

Pamphlet advertising follows a simple process. Find the best flyer printing services to help print the pamphlets. They usually offer reduced prices for large quantities. The leg work associated with pamphlet advertising is also quite affordable. 

You just have to bear the little expense of paying the hourly cost of manpower to place the pamphlet in people’s post boxes, car windshields, restaurants, handing it to them individually, etc. You must, however, note that the cost of printing pamphlets may vary based on the quality of paper used or the designs. 

  • Pamphlets carry much information 

Another advantage of using pamphlet advertising is that it presents an opportunity to include a lot of important information that may convince people to patronise your brand. Unlike online forms of marketing where there are character and word count limitations, pamphlet advertising has fewer restrictions. Businesses have the opportunity to input much information using an organised layout and visually pleasing designs to keep readers engaged. 

However, you shouldn’t include unnecessary information as this may bore readers and make them uninterested. Only include relevant and vital information in your pamphlets. You can also include coupons or discount vouchers in the pamphlets to encourage potential customers to visit your store or showroom.

  • It is visually appealing 

This is a question of getting the right design. People tend to get attracted to things that are pleasing to their eyes. A pamphlet with an appealing design is a winner because it’ll definitely capture the readers’ attention.

To this end, businesses must employ the services of an experienced graphics designer to create a design that’ll encourage people to read through the pamphlet. 

  • It allows for targeted reach

The most common means of distributing pamphlets is putting them in people’s post boxes, giving them to them personally, or placing them on car windshields. Therefore, this gives you control over the audience you want to target. 

This mode of marketing is affordable and effective, especially for local and small businesses trying to target customers in their local demographic. The truth is even digital marketing cannot effectively target the local market as pamphlet advertising does. 

Your marketers just need to locate the areas where your ideal customers are and distribute the pamphlets there. Take for example a new local restaurant opening up, they only have to figure out who their potential customers are in the local area and then hand over the pamphlets to them.

  • Pamphlets are not inconveniencing

Because of their small size, pamphlets have a mobile advantage. Once you hand them over to an individual, they may be interested and eventually take them along to their destination. Even others that aren’t interested may still take the pamphlet along with them. This allows the pamphlet to reach a new face in the individual’s destination. And who knows, they may be the ones interested in your product/services. 

  • Quality feedback

Organisations can use pamphlets to explain the benefits of their services/products with in-depth details and obtain immediate responses. Pamphlets allow for physical customer interaction between the lead/consumer and marketer. 

This provides an opportunity for businesses to get first-hand knowledge of how customers are reacting to their products or services. It also helps businesses to better adjust their products to the taste of the customers. 

Cons of pamphlet advertising 

While pamphlet advertising may be a good marketing strategy for businesses to create brand awareness and advertise their services and products, it has its downsides. It is left to you as a marketing manager or a business owner to decide whether or not these disadvantages would hinder you from using this marketing avenue. Some pamphlet advertising’s cons include:

  • Limited reach

The audience you can reach via pamphlet advertising is limited. It is largely dependent on the number of pamphlets produced and the number distributed through mailboxes or other means. 

As a busy small business owner, there are other things to focus on. This may result in incurring more expenses to pay people to help distribute the pamphlets. 

The other forms of marketing such as digital marketing, television, and newspapers, are not as limited as pamphlet advertising. Also, if your business isn’t just meant for the local area around you, it is ill-advised to use pamphlet advertising. 

  • Pamphlets are easily dismissed 

It’s no news that people tend to discard pamphlets once they receive them, especially those that are not visually appealing. Some individuals view pamphlets as a waste of their time as they assume that it is advertising something that does not interest them. However, this usually happens when there’s poor targeting. 

If the right audiences are targeted, there’s every possibility that the pamphlet will carry out its function. An individual may be convinced to patronise your business, however, it’s almost certain that they won’t keep or use the flyer. To avoid this from happening, businesses should consider running consistent campaigns throughout the year.

It is also crucial that you produce the most fascinating, eye-catching design possible, with emphasis on the information you want to pass across. Use a headline that’ll capture the readers’ attention and make them read the entire pamphlet. 

  • Issues with updates 

When pamphlets are printed, they are usually done in large quantities to get cheaper prices. Large print orders of over a thousand pamphlets are usually more than most small businesses need. 

One thing that is constant in business is change. For example, there could be changes in products, services, prices, etc. Customers must be updated after every change. This is where pamphlet advertising is at a disadvantage. 

Once printed, it’s impossible to update the information on the piece of paper without damaging it. This means that the remaining pamphlets that have not been shared have become useless. Also, the customers with the previous pamphlets are walking around with outdated information about your business. 

However, other forms of marketing like digital marketing have mechanisms in place to regularly update customers and carry them along. 

  • It is time-consuming 

In digital marketing, it is easy and possible to run marketing campaigns with mobile devices with just a few clicks. In pamphlet advertising, however, there’s legwork to be done. The task of distributing the pamphlets to different individuals, houses, cars, and restaurants may sometimes fall on the business owner if there are no funds available to pay professionals. 

This can take away the time that can be spent focusing on other parts of the business. This makes the business owner less effective. If the funds are available, try to outsource the leg work to professional companies. 

  • Unsuitable for an online business 

If your business activities are mainly online, pamphlet advertising cannot be a go-to for you. However, you can design a pdf version of the pamphlets and share them with leads and customers via different online platforms. 


Pamphlet advertising is an effective, reliable way to create brand awareness and promote your products and services. However, it shouldn’t be the only marketing strategy for your business. It should be combined with other forms of marketing to ensure a positive result. This article described the pros and cons of pamphlet advertising. 

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