5 Tips For Saving Money On Print Marketing (Without Compromising Quality)

If you’re looking for ways to get better results with a small investment, try some of the following tips for saving money on print marketing.

1. Print front and back 

This might seem like the simplest and most obvious solution, but many people don’t consider it a method for reducing the costs of printing. 

In truth, this isn’t applicable for every situation – if you’re printing documents for high-profile clients or in a situation where you want things to look as professional as possible, for example, printing one-sided is probably a better option.But if you’re printing for internal or informal marketing, you should think about printing front and back. If nothing else, it will reduce the overall page count which will add up to reduced printing costs. 

2. Ensure your copy machine is reliable 

When you’re running a business, every penny matters. Ensuring you have a reliable copy machine can help you get the most out of your budget. 

You’ll want a machine that’s affordable, but you also want one that’s reliable. If you keep having to repair your machine or outsource printing because your machine is broken, you’ll notice printing costs rising very quickly. You may even consider purchasing booklet making equipment as a way of reducing the cost of your marketing efforts. 

3. Check print previews every time

There is genuinely nothing worse than printing reams of documents only to notice a typo. One way to avoid unnecessary printing and its associated costs is to make sure each document is perfect before you print it. Wherever possible, have several people check one document, as different eyes tend to see things differently than those who have been staring at the same document all day. 

4. Remember that the quality of the paper should match the quality of the document 

By matching the quality of your paper with the quality of the document, you’ll be able to keep printing costs down. High-quality, thick paper is expensive, so for day-to-day printing needs, choose less expensive paper. It’s unlikely anyone will notice or mind, and you’ll end up saving a lot of money in the process. 

5. Consider font 

One of the most underestimated money-saving tips is actually to think about the type and the size of the font. Each font uses a certain amount of ink. Although the difference is next to nothing when you compare two different fonts, as a business or someone who regularly prints, these differences will begin to add up. 

Not only will you save on the amount of ink used when you print, but if the text is smaller you’ll also cut down on the amount of paper you use, too. Century Gothic is supposed to be the best font to print in. Over a year, large businesses could save anywhere from hundreds of pounds on their marketing materials by switching the fonts they use. 


As you can see, there are a variety of ways that you can save money on print marketing without compromising on quality. So be sure to try out some of the tips mentioned above, getting creative and innovative as you go along. 

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