The Essential Toolkit For Entrepreneurs To Succeed In 2022

Business growth consultant Daniel Groves shares the essential toolkit that entrepreneurs need to succeed this calendar year. 

After the restrictions of last year and the many challenges business owners faced due to the pandemic, many entrepreneurs are keen to get back to work in 2022. However, in order to thrive in our ‘new normal’, many entrepreneurs will have to adapt, get creative, and think outside the box. After all, business has changed. Things look a little different to how they once did and digital advancement is playing an integral role in these changes. 

Although 2022 is a new year and brings with it a lot of hope, we are still living in uncertain times. As such, entrepreneurs must be willing and able to adapt to changes in order to future-proof their businesses and achieve great success. Thankfully, success isn’t achieved alone and there are many tools (both new and old) that will help business owners realise their full potential and achieve success in the New Year. Below we share the essential toolkit. 

Since the pandemic, remote working has spiked and employees are now permitted to request flexible working arrangements when they join a company. However, while there are many benefits to working from home and while it is a popular choice for many employees, for business owners it can be a little more challenging. 

One of the ways remote working has been challenging is that it makes it difficult to collaborate with colleagues and customers. We used to be able to wander between desks, sourcing the answers we needed, chasing project deadlines, and keeping in touch with everyone. 

Now, working remotely, we are far more isolated and working together has been made more difficult. However, there are some fantastic digital tools available that can help everyone feel more connected. 

1. Trello: Team and Client Collaboration  

This fantastic tool works like a corkboard. You can ‘stick’ the digital version of Post-It notes or pieces of card to a board and organise these into different categories, for example: ‘work in progress’, ‘ready to edit’, ‘delivered to client’. It’s visual, it’s simple, and it helps you stay up-to-date. 

Trello lets you create multiple boards. Each board can be shared with different members of your team or with particular clients to help streamline your workflow and ensure everyone is on the same page. So, whether you are working remotely or from the office, Trello is the tool you need to enhance collaboration. 

2. SumUp: Online Business Account

When you run a business, there are many things to think about; from the practicalities of hiring an office space to the nitty-gritty details of accounting. Over one quarter of small business owners find it hard to keep on top of their financial admin. From struggling to understand tax regulations to managing cash flow, it’s not a surprise that 29% of start-ups fail because they run out of cash. 

As an entrepreneur, one of the best business tools you can invest in is an online business account. With an online business account, you can keep your business transactions separate from your personal. You can also monitor cash flow, set up automated tax deductions, and manage your business’s money with ease. An online business account can be set up for free, in a matter of minutes and is essential if you want to see your company succeed in 2022. 

3. MailChimp: Email Marketing Made Easy 

If you want your business to succeed in 2022, you must prioritise your customers.

One of the best ways you can do this is by staying in contact with them on a regular basis. 

Email marketing is an excellent way to engage customers with your brand. It keeps customers informed about any changes within your business. It allows you to advertise discounts or special offers and it lets you connect with your customers by providing a behind-the-scenes look into your company. 

One of the best email marketing tools available is MailChimp and it’s completely free for up to 2,000 contacts! MailChimp allows you to keep in touch with your customers easily and effectively. It provides useful features such as custom templates, built-in analytics, A/B testing, and much more so that you can optimise your emails for the biggest impact. MailChimp is a must-have business marketing tool for entrepreneurs in 2022. 

4. E-Sign Documents: Simplifying Contracts 

Running a business means you have multiple responsibilities and a seemingly never-ending list of things to do. As a result, it is common for business owners to neglect sending out contracts and ensuring they are signed before work commences. This can lead to numerous problems down the road, from unreasonable client requests to unpaid invoices. 

If you want your business to succeed and you want the work you do to be paid for, you need to get those contracts signed. E-Sign by Adobe makes signing contracts easier than ever before. A fully digital tool, E-Sign removes the need for paper contracts and avoids important documents being lost in the post. With E-Sign you can create and send documents to your employees and clients via email that can be signed electronically. It’s simple, secure, and no-fuss. What’s more, it ensures your business is protected and avoids messy situations from arising in the future. 

5. GoCo: HR Management Software

As a small business owner, it is not uncommon to push all thoughts of HR aside and focus on the more pressing aspects of your business, such as getting customers through the door. However, HR is an essential part of running a business and as soon as you hire employees, it becomes a necessity. 

GoCo is an excellent HR management software that helps you keep on top of all human resource administration with ease. This tool takes care of everything from scheduling work shifts and reporting complaints to managing payroll and alerting employees of company announcements. 

As an entrepreneur with dreams of making it big in 2022, investing in a HR management software tool is essential.

It will ensure you meet all the needs of your employees and your customers while making sure your business runs like clockwork. 

Final Words 

Having the right tools as an entrepreneur is vital to sustainable business growth and success. We live in a digital world and, thankfully, there are many tools available that can support you as a business owner. We hope our list of essential tools helps you achieve success in 2022.

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