Top 5 Locations For Team Building Getaways

If you’re in the process of planning your company retreat, consider taking the team to some exciting places. In fact, some of the biggest companies in the world would take their employees on beach getaways in the Caribbean or ski trips in Switzerland to reward them for their hard work. Looking for that perfect location for a team building getaway is never easy. So, if you need help planning a fun and memorable team building getaway, here are some of the most exciting places to consider.

1. Morocco 

Morocco is an exotic destination for an exciting team-building getaway. It has all the elements for an incredible and fun group trip with just the right balance of activities, food, and pampering. The country’s historical and cultural sites are fascinating, and there’s an endless array of resorts, boutique hotels, and riads that cater to those travelling in groups. But perhaps the main highlight of every Moroccan getaway is the adventure activities in the desert. Imagine riding camels across the magnificent desert plains to visit villages home to the Berbers. Sounds exciting, right? The fun experience and the intense level of cultural immersion of this activity provides an atmosphere of shared fun, which breaks down personal barriers and promotes better communication among the team.

2. USA 

The USA is a truly incredible country to visit. It offers a wide variety of experiences, from its stunning national parks to the bustle of its modern cities. If anything, the most challenging part about planning a team-building getaway to the USA is narrowing down the itinerary. As you know, the country is vast and offers an overwhelming array of incredible attractions and fascinating experiences. If you want to see as many places as you can during your team building getaway in America, consider driving across the country. Going for luxury travel in the USA, driving from state to state is the best way to make the most of your visit. From vast deserts to lush mountains and incredibly flat plains, America is so diverse, and a road trip is a perfect way to get to know the country.

The first step to planning an epic American road trip is to decide on the best route to take. If you’re taking the north, you will be passing along big cities like Chicago and into the Rocky Mountains. But a winter road trip along the northern route may not be ideal. Driving can be difficult, and some of the parks may be closed. The Great Plain along the central route offers more points of interest, with a visit to great cities like Kansas and St. Louis. If you are going south, your journey will include passing through big cities like Dallas and Atlanta, which offers plenty of lodging options and attractions. Include your travel companions in planning your road trip and consider booking your lodging accommodations in advance.

3. Croatia

With crystal clear waters, magnificent coastline, and splendid beaches, Croatia attracts thousands of visitors each year who want to partake in an incredible sailing adventure along its coast. So, if you’re looking for a unique activity to do on your team-building getaway, head to Croatia. 

Consider chartering a yacht for the team and learn how to sail as a group while in Croatia. Corporate sailing is quite possibly the best team building activity you can do. When learning how to sail, you will have to deal with the constant wind changes and face the “unknowns”, which teaches everyone to adapt and deal with different work situations. Aside from having fun, sailing with your team also creates a perfect opportunity for group and self-discovery.

Aside from learning how to sail, there are several other fun activities that the team can partake in when you go corporate sailing in Croatia. Some of the onshore activities for the team are scenic hikes through the glorious national parks and relaxing group outings with a visit to centuries-old wineries. Walking tours of gorgeous islets and breathtaking little hillside villages is also a great bonding experience as you sail from Split to Dubrovnik.

4. Scotland 

Scotland’s beautiful countryside, charming villages, and icy mountain peaks are enough reasons to choose this country for your next team-building adventure, whether you’re looking for action-packed team activities, cultural immersions, or a relaxing retreat. 

If you work in small teams, you should consider hiring large and luxury motorhomes and head from Edinburgh, where you can start your team building journey with a city trip and stay in some quirky Edinburgh accommodation before driving on to the stunning Highlands. Just west of Scotland’s capital city, you will find the Linwater Caravan Park, where you can set up your motorhome and explore all the sights of Edinburgh. 

Driving to the Scottish Highlands, set up your base at the Linnhe Lochside Holidays. Located in Lochaber in Fort William, this is the perfect place to base yourself if you plan to do some action-packed team building adventures. After all, the Highlands is the UK’s outdoor capital! From white-water rafting, canyoning to kayaking and rock climbing, a team-building getaway in the Highlands is all about teamwork, competition and having fun.

5. Norway 

Norway is a perfect destination for your next team-building adventure, regardless of the season. It’s equally impressive in summer as it is in winter and offers tons of action-packed activities that help build relationships and create strong bonds among employees.

Schedule your visit between October and March and discover the country’s snowy winter wonderland with your team. Embark on an exciting dog sledging adventure with a group of huskies eager to take you for a fun ride. Igloo building is also a fun activity for the team, which tests manual skills and encourage cooperation among team members. Of course, your Norwegian winter adventure won’t be complete without seeing the Northern Lights. For the best sighting experience, head north to the city of Tromsø as it falls right in the middle of the “Northern Lights Belt”.

If your team building schedule falls during summer, Norway is still a great destination to consider. You can go on a luxury sailing adventure and island-hop around the scenic archipelagos, discover majestic fjords, or hike the stunning landscapes under a midnight sun. These fun activities build lasting relationships and create inspiration and memories that everyone can bring back to their working environment.

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