How To Look Your Best At The Office

Despite having a ton of work to do, executives shouldn’t overlook the need to improve how they present themselves throughout an entire workday. Keeping a professional appearance is important if you want to make a lasting impression and exercise authority and control no matter how hectic the day goes. 

Then again, it gets challenging to maintain a presentable and fresh appearance if you have too much to do each day. The good news is that it actually doesn’t take much to keep yourself cool and show confidence. You just need to follow these important tips to look your best no matter the situation that comes your way.

1. Learn how to manage stress

Stress is not just a major productivity killer. It also has a significant effect on your mood as well as your outer appearance. As a matter of fact, too much stress can accelerate the process of ageing by altering telomere lengths in our DNA, according to the Tufts Medical Center. Apart from that, stress can also lead to the formation of destructive habits such as drinking and smoking, which are known to cause dehydrated skin. By learning how to manage stress early on, you can steer clear of other complications that will make you feel older and less presentable to everyone at the office.

2. Take occasional breaks 

Whether you are handling a company crisis or doing a minor errand, it’s important to give yourself time to recharge your batteries and gain mental clarity. Focusing too much on the work at hand will cause you to overlook your mental and physical needs. You can accomplish a lot if you are working well, but you still need to take breaks for a minimum of 15 minutes. This will help improve your mood and give you a much-needed respite.

3. Be prepared for surprise meetings

You wouldn’t know who will pay your desk a visit, so make sure you have everything you need to prepare for an unexpected meetup. From makeup to lip balm, it’s important to stock up on personal hygiene materials and cosmetics. For men, extra razor blades and hair pomade should come in handy. You should also consider adding flushable wipes to your kit to freshen you up as you prepare for anyone that enters your door.

4. Dress to impress

The way you dress up for the day influences your mindset and attitude. If you want to feel and look confident, consider the right items to wear and the colours that go along with these. Consider clothing that strikes a balance between professional and friendly. If you want everyone to know you mean business yet accommodating, lose the tie and opt for neutral colours that contrast each other. 

Looking your best at the office can do wonders for any CEO. Even if you are confronted with too much work each day, focus on maintaining an approachable and confident vibe using the tips above.

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