Dress for the Job You Want

You’ve got the qualifications and experience, you’ve written a CV that is guaranteed to wow any prospective employer but what about your outfit? Is it still important to dress for the job you want? Do dress codes at interviews still matter? It seems that the answer to these questions is a definite yes. Our confidence is affected by what we wear and how we look. When we know we look good, we feel better about ourselves making us more likely to project a positive and professional image. When we enter an interview room, there isn’t a lot of time to make an impression and interviewers are definitely going to make a snap judgement on how you look. So, when you look the part you get the interview off to a good start and make it more likely that you will land the job of your dreams.

The power of a suit

Recent studies, including one conducted at Yale in 2014 have shown that men who wear suits are better at negotiating and concluding business deals than those wearing more casual office wear. Studies also show that men and women who wear formal office clothes exhibit stronger leadership skills and set the professional tone for their office or team. So, even if you’ve already got a job but have your sights set on a promotion, then you need to consider what statement your clothing makes about you and your future prospects. Even if your office code is generally casual when a promotion is around the corner you still need to dress well although this doesn’t necessarily mean formal trouser or skirt suits.

Choose quality over quantity

Dress to impress at interviews and in the workplace by choosing quality fashion over a wardrobe full of cheaper styles. Use your Debenhams vouchers to pick a few outfits in good quality fabrics that look as good at the end of the day as they do in the morning. Colours such as black, navy and dark brown are professional and travel well while letting you add a splash of your own colourful personality with a quirky tie, a silk scarf or pair of killer heels. Accessories are also a big part of dressing for the job you want. If you have invested time and money in putting together a smart wardrobe, support it with the best accessories you can afford. A leather belt or briefcase or classic designer handbag can make all the difference to your look, both boosting your confidence and guaranteeing that the first impression you make is a great one.

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