Apple CEO Tim Cook Pledges Donation To Flood-Hit Chinese Communities

Tim Cook has pledged that tech giant Apple will donate money to support communities affected by severe flooding in northern China.

While Apple’s CEO did not specify how much the tech giant would contribute to northern China’s relief efforts, or how the funds would be distributed, his promise follows on from many other relief aid pledges. Most recently, Cook pledged money to help Hurricane Ida relief and recovery efforts after 115 people lost their lives and $64.6 billion was lost in damages. 

Cook’s announcement was only posted on China’s Weibo social media platform and was not repeated on any other platforms. The post addressed the flood recovery efforts in the Shanxi region of northern China and was written in both English and Chinese. 

Heavy rainfall and subsequent flooding in the Shanxi region has resulted in the deaths of at least 15 people, with around 2 million more affected by the damage. It is estimated that 19,000 buildings have been destroyed by the extreme weather, with 18,000 others “seriously damaged”. China has been struggling with extreme flooding for many months now.

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