After Warning That AI Will Takeover Humanity, Musk Reveals Tesla Robot

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has announced that the company will likely launch a humanoid robot prototype as early as next year.

The billionaire entrepreneur said that the “Tesla Bot” will stand around 5 ft 8in tall and will weigh approximately 125lbs, designed to do work that is “boring, repetitious, and dangerous”. The bot would be able to undertake a range of tasks, from attaching bolts to cars to picking up groceries in shops. Musk has also said that the bot would have a screen in place of a human face to allow it to provide useful information. 

Musk has described the robot as an extension of the company’s current project to build self-driving cars. Similar to Tesla’s vehicles, the bot would use the same computer chip and would navigate using eight cameras. At the company’s AI Day, Musk said that the robot would have “profound implications for the economy and address the labour shortage.” He also said that the bots would not be “super expensive.”

However, some remain sceptical about Musk’s announcement, claiming that the billionaire has a reputation for announcing grand technology advances only to later scale them back. 


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