The Most Compelling Reasons to Consider a Green Building

From reducing your energy overhead to increasing brand value — not to mention preserving the planet — there are many reasons to consider a green building for your company operations.

The drive toward a more eco-friendly industry has never been stronger than it is today. It is now recognised by the majority of people as a necessity rather than an unwarranted fear. One of these necessities comes in the form of green construction and green building operation. No, this is not merely a change of paint, but rather a change of principle.

What Is A Green Building?

A green building refers to a building that reduces or completely eliminates negative impact on the environment through its method of construction or its operation. Green buildings not only preserve the environment, they also improve our quality of life.

Why would I want a green building?

Eco-friendly Campaigns Nurture Brand Loyalty

Considering the drastic impact that climate change is projected to have on the planet in the next several decades, there is a real drive for eco-friendliness. A significant number of consumers are more likely to exhibit preference for a brand that is environmentally-conscious and responsible over a brand that is not. There are very few things that can demonstrate a brand’s care for the environment like a green building.

Decreased Power And Water Consumption

The benefits of building or operating a green building also extends to your utilities. One of the main benefits of a green building is that these buildings come with features such as solar panels and water-saving fixtures that help reduce power and water consumption. Some buildings even go as far as to get their power from a solar power provider such as Chariot Energy rather than from the national grid.

Reduced Overhead Costs

With the reduction in power and water consumption, you’re also able to reduce your expenses for these utility services. As every business owner knows, the secret to a business’s success lies in maximising profit and minimizing expenses.

Better Employee Health

Green buildings also generate less waste than non-green buildings, which means that they are more conducive to the health of any personnel who work in that building. Healthy employees are more productive than employees that work in less-than-satisfactory conditions.

Better Community Health

Because green buildings cost less to build and operate than conventional buildings and they generate less waste while using less power and water, they help the surrounding community by freeing up utilities that can be used elsewhere. This is especially valuable in places that do not have an ample supply of water or power or during times of crisis when utility services cannot match demand.

The demand for cleaner, more sustainable development has never been so strong and so dire. While it’s completely normal for any movement — especially one that is seeking to change the way we do things — to encounter resistance, the fact that the majority of consumers are aware of the need for us to change the way we treat our environment means that this is a great time for sustainable development. There are so many benefits to going green that to forego it would be akin to refusing a blessing.

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