CEO Today Magazine December 2019 Edition 32 SPECIAL FEATURES As the Christmas period fast approaches, many hardworking entrepreneurs and SMEs are preparing to celebrate the end of a turbulent 2019. For some the festivities will provide some respite from the commercial world, and for others, usually those involved in retail, it will be the most stressful but lucrative time of the year. Despite the rampant commercialisation of Christmas, it is still considered a time of peace and reflection. While this is fine in principle, for many entrepreneurs that cannot switch off from work, inactivity can be stressful. Financial freedom and to be your own boss are two of the main reasons people start their own business. In the race to realise these goals, there is a danger that too much hard work, with no outlet to let off steam, can be detrimental to your social life and in turn, personal wellbeing. A recent Small Business Barometer, undertaken by Enterprise Nation and supported by Experian and ICAEW, found 50% of entrepreneurs admitted to feeling lonely some of the time and another third (29%) said they felt lonely often. Just under half (49%) of those running a business full-time felt stressed often. THE ENTREPRENEUR MINDSET + SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY = POSITIVE WELLBEING! By Sezer Sherif, MCSI, CEO & Founder of Vanguard Capital

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