The success of Tik Tok and the creator

Tik Tok has become one of the most popular social media platforms out there with over 1bn users worldwide.


Who created Tik Tok?

Zhang Yiming is a Chinese Entrepreneur who founded Byte dance in 2012, a large global technology company. Byte dance is the parent company to Tik Tok enabling for the launch of the app in 2016.

Yiming bought which he integrated into Tik Tok as the app was initially made for dancing videos and lip syncing which meant having a large stock of songs for users to freely use made the app popular.


The Success

Now Tik Tok is popular among various people and used for more ways, dance videos, education, comedy, awareness, entertainment and more.

Almost 83% of users have posted at least one video on the app with users being the most engaged out of any social media platform. Engagement includes, posting, liking, commenting, sharing and saving videos.

The average user opens the app 8 times a day and spends 1.5 hours on it a day.

80% of users are between 16-34 years old with the majority being female.

The app grew in success largely due to the algorithm system being able to predict interests and track what each user wants to see. When using the app the system uses data through what the user interacts with and accounts they follow to predict what they want to see and catering  their for you page to each individual person with the ability to adapt with their interests.


The app is now worth around $100 billion according to CBS news and this is largely due to their algorithm system.


The CEO of the app, Shou Zi Chew is currently fighting a legal battle with the US court which wants the app for all US users and is trying to force ByteDance to sell its shares in the app.


Tik Tok for business

Tik Tok has become a great way for brands to market their business or for influencers to make their money.

Using marketing techniques through social media is the most efficient way as this tends to reach the largest audience in the quickest way as well as using a platform which so many people engage which benefits the brand too.


Ways brands can use Tik Tok

  • Paid in-feed ads.
  • Influencer collaborations.
  • Having their own accounts to share engaging and fun content.
  • Jumping on popular Tik Tok trends so your business appears to the most amount of people.


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