How brand ambassadors can benefit your business

How using Celebrities can help a brand

Using celebrities and influencers can be an efficient way for brands to have increased awareness and deliver to new customers.

  • Brand Elevation through Social proof
  • Fans and followers trust the approval from celebrities or influencers they like
  • Long-term brand awareness for more people
  • New and wider demographics and markets can be reached


The rise of TV and the Internet

When access to television came around athletes and musicians became idols to the public and figures which brands could take advantage of.

Those such as Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods, some of the highest paid athletes who receive a larger amount of their salary from sponsorships.

Michael Jordan’s deal with Nike transformed the brand into the largest consumer brand at the time and allowed it to overtake other trainer brands in the Basketball shoe sector.

Now, with the rise in popularity for influencers in social media such as Instagram and Tik Tok, brands have access to a wide range of new markets. Using influencers for marketing has significantly shown to be beneficial for brands as frequent use of the platforms by a majority allows the brand to be more visible.


Influencer Marketing

Smaller brands are able to gain awareness by using influencers to promote their products or services.

A survey from 2023 found that 79% of marketers describe influencer marketing as necessary for customers’ experiences.

Customers will trust their favourite influencers and celebrities to promote products and this increases sales.


Types of influencer marketing

  • Giveaways and contests

To increase engagement brands will support influencers is this campaign to either give away free products or at a discounted rate.


  • Product collaborations

An influencer and a brand will create a partnership to allow creativity to market the product to their followers in a way that will spark engagement. This could include a review, unboxings, the creator showing on video using the product or anything else the influencer can use.


  • Sponsored posts

The influencer must post the product with links and they will receive a commission for each sale.


Examples of successful influencer campaigns

Gymshark – The fitness clothing retailer uses a number of influencers to promote their clothing with their own name, ‘Gymshark Athletes’. These influencers promote share discount codes for a commission and in return, Gymshark often appears of social media feeds.


Hello Fresh – They post instructional videos on their YouTube using stars like Neil Patrick Harris and Antoni Porowski as well as working with influencers. A successful example is the ASMR sponsored video for Hello Fresh which reached 65,000 views in 3 days.


Dior – When promoting their Forever Foundation collection in 2020 featuring 67 different shades. They selected 67 influencers to represent each one of the different shades, where they all posted content which Dior could also use, the campaign lasted 67 days.

The outcome of this campaign was reaching a collective 2.66 million possible customers, Dior earned more than 1.85 million impressions, 591K engagements and 120% increase in engagement.

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