The Success of AbdulMaalik Tailor

With the month of Ramadan approaching we take a look into the successes of Muslim Businesses and Business owners celebrating their achievements.

AbdulMaalik Tailor is the CEO of Halal Tourism Britain showcasing the importance of Muslim history and culture through halal tourism.


  • AbdulMaalik Tailor works closely with prestigious entities such as UKinbound and Visit Britain supporting his vision of growing support for halal tourism in the UK.
  • He made it to the top 10 Influential Muslims in UK 2022 for hospitality by Equality X.
  • He has received recognition from the BBC, Thomson Rueter, Al Jazeera and more as well as appearing in documentaries and interviews highlighting his commitment to promoting Muslim history and sharing this through tourism.
  • His influence has reached across the globe with more Muslim tours starting in Barbados, Vietnam and Scotland.
  • Abdul Maalik Tailor has been acknowledged by the Mayor of London for his work as well as achieving awards like the World Halal Travel Tour Guide 2023.
  • His research was successful in locating London’s oldest mosque from 1895 which was in the front room of a house.
  • Halal Tourism Britian has been nominated for the Travel and Tourism business of the year in the Islam Channel business awards 2024 where the winner will be announced in April.


Halal Tourism Britian offers 40 different tours including cruises, guided tours of London, Mobile Muslim tours where they can bring the tour to you, Paris trips either escorted or just planned.

These tours are decide to help you learn more about Muslim history from someone with the commitment and expertise to show you a new way of seeing the UK and more.

The guided museum tours are priced from £16 and have been enjoyed from people from all backgrounds, even chosen over the museums own tours.

AbdulMaalik Tailor

Claiming the title of Britain’s first professionally qualified Muslim tour guide and an international speaker on Muslim heritage AbdulMaalik Tailor sets the bar for commitment.

He was born in London where he set up his business and his research began positively impacting communities. He helps to empower Muslims in Britain and brings recognition to their long standing contribution as well as educate more people about the Muslim history in Britain.

AbdulMaalik Tailor is a successful businessman making his mark in educating as he also works with schools, youth groups and community organisations to bring various different communities together.

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