The Ultimate Morning Zen Ritual to Follow for A Confident & Calm Start

Do you know what the old Japanese warriors and baseball players have in common? Before they go out to battle/competition, they have their own rituals. Now, if we as CEOs and decision-makers see every day of our lives as a battle, a competition, or a journey that we should feel like winning then why don’t we prepare for it with a nice ritual?

For many years, we have heard about the importance of morning routines and the benefits of having great habits before our day’s responsibilities start. In fact, great leaders recommend books like 5 am Club, and Miracle Morning where all of them have something in common, exalt the power of incorporating great habits during the mornings.

Now, if we know about it, why don’t we jump into the adventure of trying it?

So, in the next lines, Adrian Gonzalez shares the ultimate Morning Zen habits to follow for a confident & calm start, in order to have the best morning routine before your day begins.

For example, let’s say that you have days that you are so immersed in your business, meetings, or responsibilities, that you will seek to have, “Balance” before your day start. In other words, you choose to incorporate the habit of setting a time of “calm” before the storm.

One way of achieving this is through Collected Conscious Breathing, which is a way to close your eyes, disconnect from the world, and start a conscious breathing process, first by focusing on your breath and then trying not to think about anything, by creating the gymnastic of being present and calming your brain from all those thoughts that bombard us. This helps us to clean the path before submerging in the next step, by focusing on our breathing and calming down. Second, once you are completely calm and conscious, then you can start thinking of a solution to a pending issue that is pounding in your head, with the advantage that now you are cool, calm, and collected, and the thought will come from a neutral and natural state to solve that problem, and not from an emotional state, which is how we make most of our decisions.

This similar state can be compared with runners or people that practice jogging. Their bodies get into the famous state called “the zone” also known as “the flow state”, making their brain cool and calm while running, but then a thought, idea, or a possible solution to a problem pops into their head, and they start recreating mentally the steps to resolve a specific issue that has been pending to take action. This is because these states of mind make the body release stress and produce endorphins with all their benefits. And the best part is that in the end, you will have the benefits of a sense of clarity and proactiveness.

Nonetheless, you can exchange CCB with guided meditation, yoga breathing, praying, or any state that gives you calmness, so you can reset your mind, before the 60,000 thoughts or more, that we have during the day.

Once you are calm then you can pump yourself by working on your confidence. A good technique is to work on your 5 pillars during your morning:

  1. Acceptance: accept any issue or situation that is happening in your life, try to turn the page as soon as you can, and continue with the next step or action to move on.
  2. Selflove: repeat phrases to yourself with the objective to create positive PNL, with the result of giving love to yourself and reinforcing your confidence.
  3. Enjoy: no matter what situation we are in, we can decide the point of view of what is happening in our lives and one of the best parts is by being self-conscious about enjoying the ride.
  4. Passion: if you are an entrepreneur or passionate about your profession remember to repeat and reinforce to yourself, your purpose or passion about it.
  5. Ready to Receive: sometimes things are out in the world for us, but we cannot see them because we don’t attract them or express our intent to acquire them. Read and repeat: “I am ready to receive the good things that are for me”.

So, if you are a CEO, director or entrepreneur, I can tell you that once you are starting your business life with all the commitment and passion that comes from it, there is one thing we should never forget, which is a time to balance ourselves off with the stress and responsibilities that come from our role. Because if we don’t take care of ourselves, no one will do it. So, from now on, let’s make the decision to create a Morning Zen routine, nice and easy, that will help us to calm and generate that confidence, so you can be the owner of your day and the CEO of your life.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here are for general informational purposes only. Neither the author nor the editorial is responsible for the outcome or desired objective you are looking for. In case you are needing professional help please contact them as soon as you can.

Adrian Gonzalez is an entrepreneur, Life Coach, and author of Morning Zen: Empower Your Life by Transforming Your Mornings, available in paperback and priced at £13.90.

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