The Spread Of Viral Videos: Can Your Business Control The Uncontrollable?

Building a company from the ground up is always going to be difficult. A lot of the time, we put our heart and soul into a business, only for it to not work out or fall at the final hurdle. This is why digital marketing is so important. For your company to have the best chance for global success, online marketing tools must be procured to give it widespread social media awareness and mass engagement.  

In the same way that social media can be a benefactor for your company, however, it can just as easily be a curseIn this day and age, negative viral videos can spread in as little as a few minutes. They are, in many ways, a flaming arrow speeding straight for your business’s hull. With the wrong message, the company you took years to cultivate could be sunk down to the abyss. 

So is there any way to control what appears to be uncontrollable? Here are a few steps to patch up the woodwork and prevent yourself from being cast to the bottom of the ocean.

1. The Response Time Is Critical

Whether it’s a misbehaving employee or a negative situation with a customer, we all have moments which could paint the business in the wrong light or misrepresent our values. The management of those moments is what counts when it comes to surviving the fallout. We previously used the flaming arrow analogy because, at times, viral videos can feel like a precise, quick and focused attack on your company and its values. 

In this way, it is just as crucial to respond in the same manner. If negative press is spreading like wildfire, then you need to put out the flames. Getting a sense of direction in this manner can be difficult, which is why great assistance such as Percepto Reputation Management can be highly advantageous to help you deal with the issue. Your reputation is key to your success, so acting fast to protect it is important. 

2. Show Your Customers You Care

Reacting to a negative viral video in a similarly negative way can be detrimental to your company surviving the fallout. There are many companies out there who have scuppered their chances of forgiveness with defensive, slightly patronising responses. It can be understandable to want to defend your company. But sometimes, taking negative press on the chin and offering sincere apologies is what is going to save your company in the long run. Even if you feel like you have done nothing wrong, it is still important to put the customer first and see things through their eyes. Apologise and let them know you are doing everything you can to protect the problem and stop it from happening again.

3. Be Proactive, Not Reactive

Of course, none of us can prevent a video from being uploaded online and quickly going viral. All we can do is to try and prevent that video from ever being taken. If you communicate your policies and properly train your employees, you can ensure that you have the best chance to avoid this whole situation. Lay down your policies and make sure everyone sticks to them. That way, you are not giving the internet any bait. 

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