Outside Van Reveals Innovative New Camper Demo

Portland-based Outside Van has just unveiled its new camper model, Tails, carefully crafted for the avid cyclist.

The camper van, which is based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, has room for up to six bikes; four can be mounted to the van’s outside utility ladders, while an additional two can be mounted on the interior garage gear glider.

The van also boasts a sleek galley kitchen with an induction stove top, a microwave, and a 130-litre stainless steel fridge. There’s also plenty of space for unwinding in the van, with a three-panel bed with a custom mattress and a rollover sofa. The van’s 12-volt rooftop A/C system also makes the van the perfect place to cool off after a long cycle. 

“The ultimate biking van is here. Tails was built with avid cyclists in mind whether they’re mobbing down single track deep in the woods of British Columbia, trekking upwards on petrified sand dunes of Moab, embracing joyous torture that is cyclocross, and everything in-between,” Outside Van writes on its website

We’ve maximised every inch of this 2021 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 144. Tails is a full basecamp for overnight adventures.”

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