How to Take Your Camping Experience to the Next Level

For the business executive looking to relieve a year of stress, "glamping" offers the comfort of a luxury retreat with the peace and beauty of a rural getaway.

Whilst travel restrictions are gradually easing, much of the UK is turning to ways of the past. Domestic vacations – such as camping in Cornwall, or coastal trips along Kentish views, or staying in the postcard scenery of the Cotswolds – have made a glamorous return this year, as have rural retreats in mainland Europe and the Americas. This is the year that redefined holidays. Rather than feel trapped in the overly familiar scenery of your own home, why not travel down the road to experience glamping?

What is Glamping?

Glamping is on the crossroads of luxury and camping, mixing the best of both. It’s a catchy shorthand for ‘glamorous camping’, and offers a more memorable, lux stay. Unlike camping, which feels rustic and nomadic at times, glamping is about scenery and style. This might take shape in the form of a twee cabin nestled in the woods, or an earthy yurt in the private fields of the countryside. It may even be that, for your next glamping excursion, you cosy up in an old bow-top Romani Wagon.

Recently, glamping has taken on new meaning to refer to unusual, rustic and private accommodations. But glamping, to those familiar, is about freeing up the imagination.

As a relaxing and luxurious getaway, glamping can be a chance for those, such as a business leader, to relax and meditate. It’s often a quiet, healing experience, which can be ideal for thoughtful meditation and discovery. It’s a long held belief that natural retreats can help people connect with their thoughts and boost their sense of creativity and wellbeing.

Glamping is on the crossroads of luxury and camping, mixing the best of both.

Glamping structures are often self-contained, feature the usual creature comforts (such as hot water, electricity, and beds) and open out into a private, sometimes sweeping, view of the outdoors. Glamping can make your next escape feel like a luxurious break away from the familiar trappings of home and help improve your wellbeing.


When considering glamping, many often relish not only the sustainability of these structures, but also the eco-consciousness of these twee, earthy dwellings. An unusual, if exotic, place to stay, this type of glamping destination will help you feel more connected to the world around you. A sun trap by day, unrivalled access to stargazing at night – geo-domes are easy hideaways that can help you achieve that therapeutic escape.

For those in stressful roles, this is a great escape and way to rekindle patience and quiet. Geo-domes feel more urban than most other glamping structures, but this one is especially luxurious for its connection to the roaming night skies.

Cosy Cabins & Lodges

Often nestled deep in the countryside, on the edge of woodlands, or painted in easy coastal blues on cliff overlooks, cabins and lodges are cosy escapes. Complete with the familiar creature comforts, these cabins are best known for their idyllic, bucolic views.

Located in deeper countryside spaces, these cabins tend to be connected to bridleways and other walking paths for hikes and cycling. They’re secluded, private and are preferred by those who seek little interruption, except perhaps from the occasional birdsong. Cabins and lodges, usually little wooden dwellings, are connected with a deep and generous landscape, like Yorkshire’s valleys or Cardiff’s lakes.

Cabins are often associated with isolation, but through a healing, therapeutic, sense of escape. Attractive to those in business, this accommodation could be the next chance for a break from a  busy lifestyle.

Shepherds Huts

Inspired by tradition, a shepherd’s hut is a timeless dwelling. Historically, shepherds’ huts were nomadic and travelled around the countryside. Nowadays, they are static wagons that stay in privately wooded parts of the countryside. These are almost always very photogenic and belong to folklore tales.

These are cutesy-designed huts that originated the trend of glamping – because these huts are often luxurious and furnished with a living quarters, a compact kitchen, and an en-suite toilet. These can be dressed up romantically, especially the older huts made of a handsome oak. Or, for those seeking adventure and thrill, a shepherd’s hut can offer access to the outdoors, especially the woods.

Vintage VWs

Glamping isn’t all scenery and escapes but can be about style and substance too. As retro memorabilia from the past makes a welcome return, vintage Volkswagen Caravans offer a fashionable, mobile retreat.

At the heart of vintage British culture, the VW scene was a memory of the past. These lovingly restored and vintage VWs are ideal for those looking for a memorable overnight stay. A low-key attraction, and delightfully vintage, staying in this cosy caravan is the best way to enjoy a rustic landscape.

This a is a great attraction also for generations who feel more connected with the past. It’s a great way to enjoy something vintage, but a in contemporary, luxurious way.

The article was written by Jason Sims, Marketing Executive at Just Kampers and Just Kampers Insurance. Jason is a fully fledged VW enthusiast, with over 20 years’ experience in keeping Volkswagens old and new on the road. Currently owns a 69 Cal Look Beetle, and enjoys attending VW shows and Camping with friends and family.

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