Meet The New Electric Sailing Yacht That Can Charge Its Own Batteries

Danish yacht maker X-Yachts has recently launched an innovative new sailing yacht that is as sleek and stylish as it is sustainable. Named the X49E, the 49-foot yacht is the very first electric sailboat produced by the luxury sailboat maker.

The X49E is based on X-Yachts’ existing X49 model, but renounces the traditional diesel engine in favour of a sustainable alternative — two Oceanvolt 10 kW electric motors. 

X-Yachts estimates that, in calm conditions, the X49E can travel 22.7 nautical miles at 5 knots using pure electric power alone. However, if more range is required, a diesel generator is at hand. 

Furthermore, the X49E can produce up to 3.5 kW when travelling at speeds exceeding 8 knots, meaning if you sail for around eight hours, the batteries smartly will charge from empty to full. 

“Finding the right project for our first boat with electric propulsion was crucial,” said X-Yachst technical manager John Morsing. “This owner knows our boats well and has a strong passion for green, silent boating. He also wants to go blue water cruising, which puts even bigger demands on the system. The boat has been upgraded on several areas, such as rig, electronics etc. We have chosen a hybrid system for this boat, which means installing a diesel generator with capacity to take care of power in situations where battery capacity is not sufficient.”

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