The CEO’s Reading List For Navigating The Digital Future

The Offer You Can’t Refuse: What If Customers Want More Than Excellent Service? by Steven Van Belleghem (Lannoo Campus)

The Offer You Can't RefuseWritten by one of the world’s leading experts in customer experience in the digital world, Professor Steven Van Belleghem brings an accessible, common-sense approach to new technologies, and an empathic human touch, in this insightful and passionate new book about the future of customer relations. 

As a best-selling author and highly sought-after public speaker, van Bellingham draws upon the experience of working with the likes of Google, Microsoft and Disney to offer leaders an expert guide to ever-changing customer expectations, and tips on how to navigate our digital transformations to match them. 

The book tells the story of how it will no longer be enough for companies to just offer a good product and a convenient customer service, but brands will need to create what the author describes as ‘The Offer You Can’t Refuse’ – a marriage of three key elements, driven by an overarching ‘partner in life’ strategy: 1. Clever Technology 2. A comprehensive understanding of the Life Journey of the customer and 3. Social Responsibility to make the world a better place. 

With a series of eye-opening case studies and exclusive interviews, The Offer You Can’t Refuse is an essential read for any business leader, HR director, entrepreneur or marketing professional conscious of the future of their clients, customers and workforce.

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