Are Business Cards Still Important In 2022?

Annie Button, professional content writer and branding aficionado, explores the topic of business cards in 2022, from their relevance in the digital age, to how to create an effective one.

Are business cards a thing of the past? In today’s fast-moving commercial environments, digital communication, messaging apps and video calls appear to have taken over from the printed page. Understandably, the case for physical business cards must surely be up for review.

We take the view that printed business cards remain the fastest and most straightforward way to share contact details and get people interested in your business. Of course, people can and do connect on online platforms such as LinkedIn or Facebook and share web addresses, but a traditional business card can cut to the chase. Provided its design has been carefully considered and executed, the humble business card represents a golden opportunity to create a lasting first impression to make sure people remember you and your company. Here’s how.

Direct Marketing Tool

Marketing and brand reinforcement are key strategic business activities – and it doesn’t get more direct than handing a printed business card to a potential client or useful contact. It’s an excellent way to introduce yourself and it creates an instant platform for conversation and interaction. A good business card will tell the recipient all they need to know – your name, company name, direct contact details, social media and other online addresses. The little card can pack a real punch, so the design and quality of business card printing should never be underestimated.

Professional Brand Image

We all know that you only get one chance to make a good first impression, and no more so than in face-to-face environments where business cards are typically exchanged. A relevant high-quality design and material will help create the right professional image to accurately reflect your corporate brand. You can take advantage of “endless print finishing techniques to give your communication the stand-out it deserves,” advises one expert in the field. To that end, at conferences, trade fairs, networking events and client meetings, your personalised business card is the most prominent item being handed around. 

Memorable Takeaway

Not only are business cards often the first point of in-person contact with a prospective client or valuable associate, but they are also the item they take away having met you. The business card, then, is a physical reminder of who you are and what you discussed and acts as an important prompt for making contact again. Without such a reminder, you are making it much harder for others to remember you or your business, potentially losing valuable commercial opportunities. In terms of convenience, business cards are portable and light, making them easy to carry and use in any given situation.

How To Create An Effective Business Card In 2022

Even with the cleverest technology and printing options available, let’s not forget that the basics of good business card design have remained largely unchanged. That is to say, the card should contain all the relevant information:

  • Your name (and job title)
  • Your company’s name and logo
  • Your business phone number(s) and email address
  • Your relevant social media handles
  • Your company website and physical address

Given the above, let’s now take a look at the best ways you can modernise your business cards for the current commercial climate and distribute them to your advantage based on current business trends. After all, business cards have been around for a very long time, and their design for businesses of today may well need to be very different to that of yesteryear.

Materials And Designs

One of the most common trends in recent years is to change the material away from standard 14-point or 16-point cardstock. Transparent and semi-transparent plastic is a popular choice, as are metal cards. These unusual materials will certainly make your cards stand out from the crowd but beware that they are not cheap options! If you prefer paper, choose recycled options and utilise the opportunity to promote your company’s environmental credentials.

Modernising the style of your business cards can take many forms. One popular trend is the minimalist approach, focusing on clarity, simplicity and a plain white background. Other more creative trends include bold personalisation, humour and anti-cards! And who says business cards must be rectangular when many other shapes are available?

Modern Technology

Even printed business cards can, and arguably should, embrace innovative tech solutions. In fact, the integration of computers and business cards is the obvious way forward in 2022 and beyond.

Why not add a QR code to the card that can be scanned with a smartphone or tablet, redirecting the device to your choice of app or website. No need to print your web address or social media details when you can keep your business card looking sleek and minimalistic with only your logo, company name and a QR code to do the rest.

NFC technology is another way to direct people quickly and easily to your website or app. It’s the same technology that is used for contactless payments with credit/debit cards and it can be used for your website or app. On a business card with an NFC microchip, people can access your website or download your app when their phone or tablet is placed near the card.

Digital Business Cards

With the world of work almost entirely digital, the question is often asked whether we need analogue business cards at all? Full digital business card solutions are now available, delivering information instantly to smartphones at the touch of a tap, scan or click. The advantages in terms of user-friendliness and convenience are clear: there are no typos, printing delays or material wastage to deal with.

However, the simplicity and effectiveness of traditional business cards are hard to argue. Despite not being a tech solution, well-branded printed cards may in fact have unexpected advantages over internet-reliant media. They can be used in any situation and are accepted practices in business cultures across the world – you simply can’t go wrong with a business card.

Most importantly, the humble business card can be created to suit any business goal with relative ease and minimal cost and huge potential gain. That’s a great investment into any modern business.

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