The Essential Reading List For The ‘Whole CEO’

Everyone Included: How to Improve Belonging, Diversity and Inclusion in Your Team by Helen May

Everyone Included CoverIn this helpful step-by-step guide, Helen May empowers businesses to reach a greater level of inclusion in the workplace. Her conversational, no-nonsense style will inspire CEOs worldwide to focus on the practicalities of creating more cohesive working environments that build workplace happiness and yield more consistent success. 

With 20 years of experience as a respected voice on the topic of diversity and inclusion, May has designed an easy to implement 3 step plan, pushing readers to establish where the business is at, implement a strategy for change and development, and put in place a re-evaluation approach to keep the door open and the team evolving. It is a process that seeks to increase wellbeing, integration and belonging amongst a group, and in turn produce respect, productivity, versatility and a greater ability to evolve and succeed as a unit. 

Through her research, writing and global reach, the author is firmly placed at the forefront of diversity and leadership models, and this book is recommended reading for any CEO interested in building a true sense of belonging, safety and engagement for their teams.

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