The Essential Reading List For The ‘Whole CEO’

Healthy Leadership & Organisations: Beyond the Shadow Side by Anna Eliatamby

Healthy LeadershipIn Happy Leadership and Organisations, psychologist Anna Eliatamby reveals the secret to tackling negative and unhealthy behaviours in the workplace and gives tips on how to develop stronger, more motivated teams.

The author prompts us to acknowledge when our ‘shadow’ side creeps in and to aim high in all departments. By developing transparency and dealing with personal and collective dark sides and bad habits, we can, Eliatamby says, create decency in our organisations, and build a culture that celebrates and encourages ‘golden’ behaviour.

Drawing on decades of experience as a clinical psychologist, executive coach and organisational wellbeing expert, Anna Eliatamby tackles taboo subjects such as bullying and anger in the workplace. She provides practical ways to confront the unwanted behaviours in individuals or an overall team and establish a happy, high integrity workplace with no rugs to sweep under.

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