Companies With Female Leaders Outperform Those Dominated By Men, Research Shows

Recent research by the House of Commons demonstrates that companies with more female leaders outperform those that are primarily led by men.The research suggests that women should play a major role in the UK’s economic recovery post-pandemic.

The shadow secretary for women and equalities, Anneliese Dodds, said the research demonstrates that women are key to a stronger economy. She also accused the government of ignoring the needs of women throughout the covid-19 pandemic. 

When you’ve got more engagement from women, when women are in the driving seat to the extent they should be, it makes for far more successful businesses,” Dodds told the Guardian. “Our commitment is to consider women’s concerns and other equality issues from the start. The problem with the current government is they’re not even tacking women’s concerns on at the end, they’re not considering them at all.”

Dodds also warned that the UK is currently experiencing a “childcare emergency.” According to the Early Years Alliance, some areas of England have seen a 25% drop in the number of childcare places over the past six years. Dodds said this is having an “awful impact on working women.”

According to Grant Thorton International’s annual Women in Business report for 2021, just 34% of women hold mid-market senior leadership roles. While this figure was an increase from 2020, it is nonetheless still significantly low.  

Furthermore, according to the Fawcett Society’s Sex and Power report 2022, only eight women, and no women of colour, are currently employed as CEOs in the FSTE 100. Meanwhile, women hold just 14% of executive directorships and 38% of all directorships. 

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