Top Tips on Achieving Excellence as a CEO

Andy Robinson is an Executive Coach working principally at the CEO level in organisations of all sizes, ranging from early-stage startups to Fortune 500 companies. Mr Robinson approaches executive coaching as an individualised leadership development process that builds an executive’s capabilities to influence, motivate and effectively lead others to achieve short- and long-term organisational goals and, ultimately, to maximise the leader's impact and contribution of value to the organisation. Mr Robinson’s executive coaching experience spans over 25 years, and prior to that, he worked for 10 years as a practice leader for PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Executive coaching services delivered by Mr Robinson are conducted through regular one-on-one interactions, driven by data, input and feedback from multiple sources and perspectives, and based on mutual trust, respect and commitment to improve. 

What are the most common issues leaders and CEOs need coaching help with? 

Common issues I assist my CEO-level clients include:

      • Focusing on the Essential: Planning, time management and prioritising the important. Helping my coaching clients focus on the essential – the most important professional and organisational matters needing undiluted attention, thinking time, and action.
      • Leadership Development Plan Formulation and Execution: Helping clients identify their most important leadership development opportunities by shining the light on blind spot behaviours and other obstacles to success and developing action plans to address those opportunities.
      • Working Effectively with the Boards of Directors: Helping CEO clients effectively support the oversight responsibilities of their board of directors, optimise board member engagement, and maximise the board’s value delivery to the organisation.
      • Strategic Planning: Helping my executive coaching clients develop and execute on a highly effective strategic planning process designed to achieve a strategic plan which maximises organisational and shareholder value.
      • Effectively Delegating and Holding Team Members Accountable: Assisting executives in developing and deploying processes and systems to optimise accountability and effective delegation.
      • Navigating Successfully Through Change: Helping executives embrace change, constantly seek new and better ways of doing things and creating a culture beneath them that does likewise.
      • Improvement in Presentation and Communication Skills: Assisting CEOs and executives in effectively communicating the important – up, down and across their organisations.
      • Team Building and Effective Executive Team Collaboration: Assisting the CEO in maximising the performance of his or her executive team, which often includes 1:1 coaching with team members and leadership team offsite retreat facilitation.
      • Improving Decision-Making Processes and Skills: Developing confidence in decision-making and helping executive team members do the same.

How do you help them work on them?  

Proven Process: All executive coaching services are delivered through a structured and customisable process that has been developed, fine-tuned and time-tested to help executives achieve breakthrough and sustainable improvement on their professional and organisational development opportunities.

Access to Best-in-Class Tools: I’ve developed and accumulated an extensive, best-in-class toolbox of assessments, mental models, training programs, accountability systems and checklists design to support the executive coaching services delivered to my clients.

Regular, Outcome-Focused Coaching Sessions: One-on-one coaching sessions, either in-person or virtual, are the vehicle through which coaching services are delivered. All coaching sessions are designed to catalyse action and gain consistent, forward momentum on coaching client development needs and opportunities.

Serving as a Thinking Partner: In addition to the ongoing focus on the executive coaching client’s development opportunities, I serve as a sounding board and thinking partner to help resolve real-time issues and challenges that arise in an executive’s day-to-day work life.

What are your top tips on achieving excellence?

    • Consistently articulating a well-communicated vision, purpose and direction.
    • Relentlessly focusing on your most valuable activities.
    • Surrounding yourself with an all-star team.
    • Coaching, developing and supporting your team.
    • Creating and maintaining a culture of accountability.
    • An uncompromising focus on improvement, learning and professional development.
    • Serving as a role model for all of the above.

What are the benefits of working with an executive coach? 

Solicited and unsolicited feedback received by my coaching clients evidences the following benefits of working with me as a trusted executive coach:

      • Having immediate and ongoing access to an independent and outside adviser who has an unbiased viewpoint and perspective.
      • Serving as a catalyst for action – facilitating action-oriented, goal-directed behaviour.
      • Creating an additional layer of accountability to ensure execution of coaching program action plans.
      • Encouraging “out of the box” thinking and openness to new ideas.
      • Providing a safe forum and sounding board for clients to think out loud.
      • Encouraging clients to think strategically and improve critical thinking skills.
      • Providing a structured framework for analysing risks and making key decisions.
      • Bringing order and structure to processes for developing and implementing action plans.
      • Helping clients stay focused on areas of greatest strength and most valuable activities.
      • Helping clients to improve and enhance self-awareness.

Website: www.AndyRobinson.Coach 

Email: Andy@AndyRobinson.Coach 

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