Awake Launches Slick Electric Surfboard That Can Reach Speeds Of 36MPH

Swedish electric surfboard manufacturer Awake has just revealed the latest version of its range-topping model, the Rävik S 22. While Awake’s latest board doesn’t look dramatically different from its award-winning forerunners, it promises surfers better response and a lot more power. 

Awake’s slick electric surfboards feature squared-end designs, a channel-shaped carbon fibre hull that effortlessly slices through the water, and a motor for extra power. This latter feature allows surfers to enjoy any body of water at any time of the year. According to the Rävik S 22’s new launch video, surfers can even take this latest board out on a snowy, winter’s day

The board features a 12-kW brushless motor and a resigned impeller for increased torque and acceleration. The motor comes with three speed settings and three throttle sensitivity modes. Within just four seconds, the Rävik S 22 can accelerate from zero to 30mph and can reach a top speed of 36 mph. 

The Rävik S 22 now is available to order via Awake’s website, priced at $15,500 with a regular battery and $19,000 with an extended-range battery. While the Rävik S 22 may be priced significantly above an average board, surfers will note there’s nothing average about being able to surf without the need for waves.

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