Customers Of 2022: Books To Read Today, To Understand Customers Of Tomorrow

The Business of Winning: Insights in Transformation from F1 to the Boardroom by Mark Gallagher

The Business Of Winning

As a business that has continued to evolve and innovate to meet customers’ expectations, Formula One makes a very interesting case study. Not only has the organisation pioneered technologies to maintain the thrilling spectacle that makes it one of the world’s most popular spectator sports, but it has also become a perhaps unlikely champion for sustainability and inclusion issues that customers are passionate about.

In The Business of Winning, Formula One insider Mark Gallagher shares some fascinating insights into the sport’s high-speed, high-impact approach to business. It covers everything from building winning teams to risk management, but also offers a fascinating look into how the sport has successfully reached and engaged new audiences through e-sports and media streaming services.

This book will of course appeal to fans of F1, with a foreword by David Coulthard, exclusive interviews with Lewis Hamilton and lessons from how the Mercedes team established themselves as kings of the sport. However, it is also recommended reading for any business leaders facing rapid change, and anyone who wants to keep up with ever-evolving customer expectations.

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