The Customer Is Not Always Right When Partnering With An M-BiTS Provider

Tarek Meliti, founder of TDM Group explains what an M-BiTS provider is and how it can benefit your business.

When outsourcing IT departments, it is important to distinguish between organisations that act solely as service providers and organisations that go further by offering the capability to act as a strategic business partner.

In fact, the difference is clear: strategic business partners go above and beyond service providers in that they help drive change and initiate growth. Yes, the traditional MSP model serves a useful purpose, with a proven track record that has allowed businesses to save time and money. While service providers will often fulfil their role and carry out necessary tasks, they often fail to move beyond this and have a strategic impact on the business. 

It’s important for a business partner to assess the processes of a business and challenge the status quo to improve using technology. This is one of the key areas in which an M-BiTS provider can prove more effective than the traditional MSP offering.

To improve business strategy and contribute to increased ROI, business partners can be integral to digital transformation projects by working in partnership with their clients. An M-BiTS provider acts as a partner, not just a team of IT repair people, constantly improving IT infrastructure and supporting business goals.

What is an M-BiTS provider?

A Managed Business IT Service (M-BiTS) provider recognises there is more to IT and digital transformation than just technology. They understand the need to manage IT operations holistically to deliver innovative change. Whether a business is engaging with existing IT systems and improving them or implementing new ones, an M-BiTS provider considers the people that are affected at every stage of the process – from management and suppliers to the end-users.

An M-BiTS provider goes further than simply addressing typical IT-related pain points; it considers the impact technology has on the entire business and its growth strategy, helping to drive it forward. Businesses who select an M-BiTS provider will find themselves well supported with the best IT software and hardware, together with the necessary knowledge to help ensure their business remains viable as the economic recovery continues.


The key to any successful business partnership is trust – and this rings true when partnering with an M-BiTS provider. Therefore, businesses must learn to trust their M-BiTS provider’s proactive actions to improve their business IT strategy. Customers might question the necessity or the impact of the changes they see being made in their organisation. Therefore, it is important to remember that as both a business and technology expert, the M-BiTS provider can leverage their expertise to contribute to positive change and drive positive outcomes for a business.

Partnerships are a two-way conversation

It is important for both parties to be aware of the partnership when working within an M-BiTS framework. While customers must listen to and trust the guidance of their partner, the M-BiTS provider must take the time to understand the business. This will leave them well-placed to help identify any weak spots and areas of a business in which technology can be utilised to enhance better delivery. Hearing your business’s vulnerabilities can be an uncomfortable process; however, recognising these allows you to embrace worthwhile change. 

With people at its core, opting for an M-BiTS provider means businesses can establish a comprehensive strategy that delivers relevant IT services within the context of the business, helping to align IT requirements with the business strategy. In practice, this means that weaknesses and liabilities within an organisation can be easily identified, not just in terms of technology, but people, processes and data as well. 

M-BiTS providers have expertise in key areas

Outsourcing your IT department suggests that as a business you have decided to work in partnership with an external IT department. Having made the initial choice, it is important to recognise that M-BiTS providers focus their expertise on key areas that affect businesses: people, process, data, as well as technology. M-BiTS providers will look to encourage vital changes that businesses may be reluctant to implement or don’t have the resources to implement themselves.

For example, IT and cybersecurity have been thrust to the forefront of the business model due to the increased number of data breaches resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic. Organisations have subsequently been forced to reassess their approach to cybersecurity and make vital changes to address the changing risk landscape. An M-BiTS provider would consider all elements to mitigate cybersecurity risk, including staff training, business processes, as well as the security tools in place. 

The importance of these changes cannot be understated. Risk Based Security recently released its 2021 Mid-Year Data Breach QuickView Report. The report revealed that there were 1,767 data breaches in the first half of 2021, exposing 18.8 billion records. A strategic partner will support businesses by ensuring their data is not at risk, the latest protection software is in place and that regular staff training is conducted.

Optimising the impact of an M-BiTS offering

To make the most of this relationship, it is important to work in partnership with an M-BiTS provider by establishing effective channels of communication – and being open to change. This will help you leverage their ability to harness the power of technology to drive businesses forward.

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