5 Inspiring Business Books for 2021

With the final days of 2020 upon us, we round off the year with a look at some of the best books to prepare business leaders for whatever the future might hold.

2.The Management Delusion by Matt Casey

The Management Delusion cover

How many managers, and layers of management, are there within your organisation? What kinds of demands and expectations are you placing upon these managers every day? Have you ever stopped to think that maybe we have now reached a point where the role of a manager has become an outdated concept?

In The Management Delusion, author Matt Casey asks the question, “What if we’re doing it all wrong?” He outlines an alternative approach that he calls Minimum Effective Management, which puts employees in control of their own training, their holiday and even their own pay rises. It is bold idea, but the author makes a pretty compelling case for it.

2020 has provided a huge test for company structures and the very idea of traditional org charts, so maybe 2021 is the time to look for a better way to work?

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