How to Be a Thought Leader in Your Industry

Times are changing quickly. With so much change and development taking place daily, there is a stark need for thought leaders to step up and provide direction for the marketplace.

Not only do people realistically need guidance, being a leader strengthens your brand image. But being a leader is more than just having a voice, it is providing creative solutions and compelling questions. In this article, we will discuss ways that you can amplify your voice and become a thought leader in your industry.

1: Define Your Voice

To be a thought leader, you must be direct. What is your specialty? Where is your expertise? Direct your focus and energy on being a leader on topics you are familiar with. Not only must you be an expert in the field, you must speak authentically. People do not want to hear a generic message, they want to hear your unique opinions and ideas. Your voice should be identified through both topic and tone.

2: Be Humble

Becoming a thought leader is hard work! You must reach out to influencers, develop content, speak to crowds, and keep up with your personal platforms. It is crucial to find a balance between confidence and humility. To be a leader, you have to stop focusing on self-promotion. When pitching your experience and expertise, be confident and humble. Don’t explain the top reasons you are amazing, rather focus on the unique ways you can provide creative ideas to the target audience. Take Elon Musk for example; he is regarded as a thought leader because he spends time educating people on innovation and Tesla’s impressive projected growth. If Elon Musk only bragged about his success and wealth, people would not respect his voice in the marketplace.

3: Widen Your Platform

If you are going to become a thought leader in your niche, you must widen your platform. Although speaking engagements and interviews may not impact your bottom line, they strengthen your identity and platform. Charitable giving is an important aspect of thought leadership. It is important to set a precedent of generosity by supporting your passions through philanthropy. Charitable giving increases your authenticity. Another way to widen your platform is by listening to other voices in the industry! Nobody holds all the knowledge. Consider consulting with individuals older, younger, and different from you in order to expand your perspective.

4: Cherish Creativity

To be a thought leader, you must bring unique thoughts to the table. What are ways to innovate the industry? How can you become a better leader to the people on your team? Create bold and creative solutions that solve common problems. People are searching for different ideas: things that work. Try to be the voice that is bold enough to say the things people may not want to hear. Address the issues that need to be fixed. Come up with creative ways to solve common problems.


Being a thought leader is beneficial to both you and your audience. People are looking for guidance and leadership in times of mystery. Define your voice and make sure that it is authentic. Widen your platform and provide creative solutions that truly help those around you. By developing your thought leadership platform, you will gain great respect in your niche.

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