5 Top Business Books CEOs Should Be Reading in Lockdown

Lockdown measures are beginning to ease, though some business leaders will be out of the office for a while longer. Are you taking advantage of this extra enforced time at home?

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From beating burnout to motivating a remote team, here are some of the newest business books that CEOs should be reading during lockdown:

1. Grow the Pie: How Great Companies Deliver Both Purpose and Profit by Alex Edmans

Grow the Pie sets out a pioneering new approach to how companies can create both profit and social value, based on rigorous evidence and real-life examples spanning industries and countries. It provides an actionable framework to guide which investments to take and which to turn down, and shows how to navigate difficult trade-offs. By applying it, companies can create both profit for investors and value for society –which is more important now than ever.

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