How Your Brand Can Spread Positivity Though Marketing

With the uncertainty and tragedy brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, spirits are low around the globe. But in times of adversity, companies are uniquely positioned to bring relief to people in despair.

Paul Rowlett, CEO of printed product specialists EverythingBranded, takes a look at how positive marketing in these troubled times can do some good and benefit your brand.

With the world currently in lockdown thanks to COVID-19, it’s a difficult time for businesses. With brick and mortar stores closed and consumer demand falling off a cliff in many areas, a lot of brands are having to adapt to survive. However, despite all of the turbulence at the moment, it’s important not to lose sight of how your business can be a beacon of positivity.

In a recent survey, 56% of Brits said that they’re finding it hard to stay positive on a day to day basis, while 58% say they struggling to look to the future. It’s clear that there are a lot of people out there finding it difficult in the current status-quo. So, why not try and spread a sunnier outlook with the marketing messages from your brand? Below, I’m going to look at why it’s worth doing this and how you can go about spreading a little bit of positivity.

Why focus on positivity marketing?

I would say that the main motivation for any brand to focus on positivity in their marketing should be, foremostly, upholding your corporate social responsibility. Yes, there might be some tangible benefits to your business, but the focus of your message should always be: “How can we help?” Think of your audience as people, rather than sales, and it will lead to genuinely actionable ideas.

I would say that the main motivation for any brand to focus on positivity in their marketing should be, foremostly, upholding your corporate social responsibility.

And, yes, after you have shared your positive messages, there could be a benefit for your business down the line. More than half of consumers say it’s important to them when brands take a clear stance on an issue, so if your customers see you trying to help people through a tough time and trying to be a catalyst for positivity, then you may build up some brand loyalty as a result.

How to spread positivity through marketing

There are quite a few ways your brand can spread some positivity through your marketing channels and I’m going to highlight a few of them here.

Use your influence for practical positivity

When planning your marketing messages, it’s important to remember that not all positive ideas have to be based on blue sky thinking. For one, leveraging your brand influence to spread more pragmatic advice, like the Government and NHS’s “stay home” campaign, is still a positive message, particularly when it’s helping people to stay safe.

You can be an influential voice and force for good with your audience. This is especially true if your customer base doesn’t identify or may not hear what voices of authority, like the Government or the news has to say. For instance, if your brand reaches a younger audience, you could use your position as an influencer to communicate the importance of COVID-19 safety to your followers.

Look for ways to give back

You’ve probably noticed that many companies are donating products, manufacturing supplies for the NHS, or anything else they can do to give back in a time of crisis. Doing so will not only be directly helping your local community, but it’s likely to give your brand some positive publicity.

For instance, at EverythingBranded we’re in the process of donating 20,000 self-diagnosis thermometers, we’ve supplied a homeless charity with hand sanitiser to use when handing out food, and we’re planning to launch a kids’ activity box to be given to a children’s charity to keep little ones occupied during lockdown. Essentially, we reviewed our offering and found areas we could help.

If you decide to go ahead and do something similar, you’ll need to ensure that you tell your clients about it. Don’t be afraid to post updates on all your social channels with plenty of photos and a breakdown of how you’re helping out.

Provide your customers with certainty

It’s certainly a turbulent time out there, where businesses are open one minute and then closed for the foreseeable future. That’s why it’s a good idea to provide your customers with some certainty about your own plans — if it takes just one thing off their mind, it’s worth it.

With this in mind, you’ll probably want to publish an update on your website and social media to let people know essential information like opening times, delivery estimates, and your return policy. If you get sent a few different queries, why not put together an FAQ that addresses these concerns?

I hope this has been useful in highlighting the importance of sharing some positivity through marketing in the midst of this crisis. It’s a worthy endeavour, and your customers are likely to recall your positive contribution.

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