Bet365 CEO Was the Biggest UK Taxpayer in 2019

Already gaining the title of 2017-18's highest paid CEO in the UK back in December, Bet365's boss was also the country's biggest taxpayer for that financial year.

It has been revealed that the woman leading one of the UK’s biggest betting sites also paid the most tax in 2019.

CEO and Founder of Bet365, Denise Coates was paid a total of £323 million between 2017 and 2018, and in 2019 had a tax liability of £276 million for that financial year.

According to the Sunday Times Tax List, author JK Rowling, Sir James Dyson and Sports Direct proprietor Mike Ashley are also some names in the top list.

The list reports Denise Coates’ taxes included £113.2 million as part of the firm’s corporation tax bill, £130 million income tax on the back of her £276.6 million pay and social security add-ons like national insurance tax.

The list’s top 50 tax payers amounts to a total of around £2.4 billion in UK tax. According to the Yahoo Finance, Robert Watts, the man behind the list, said: “The rich are often bashed as tax avoiders and if that was always true then it wouldn’t matter when wealthy Brits leave the UK for Monaco, the Caribbean and other tax havens.

“But our Tax List shows there are a significant number of these people who do contribute tens of millions of pounds a year towards the UK’s public finance each year. This shows that an exodus of the super rich would leave us with weaker public services or paying more tax to fill the gap.

“The challenge for the Government is to squeeze a fair share out of the wealthy – without driving away the individuals who contribute the sort of sums each year that can build a school or a hospital.”

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