5 Easy Ways to Attract More Visitors to Your Stand

A strong exhibition stand is always going to be a good driver for business, so it’s important to make it as attractive as possible.

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While your company and ideas may be good, the stand needs to speak for that and echo it even louder. You want visitors to remember your name, and the best way to do that is to create a stand they’ll remember. In order to encourage more people to your stand, we’ve put together some simple ways that will boost traction.

Contact people beforehand

Tell people that you’re coming. Nothing is going to bring people to your stand more than already knowing who you are. Simply recognising the company name would make it resonate with clients more. Try sending an email out to people before the event to introduce yourselves, perhaps share some information on what you’ll be advertising on the day. Leading organiser EventBrite urges businesses to send a save the date prior to the event.

Have an eye-catching display

A bright, clear and concise display stand is always likely to gather attention. It’s important to have an idea in mind and do some research around it to make sure you’re giving your business the best chance at gaining visitors. Look into an expert such as GH Display to create a stand that is the perfect style and fit for your brand.

Play videos

It’s not always possible to speak to everyone who comes to your stand, particularly if you’re really busy. Instead, SmallBusiness.co.uk recommends staff to have video messages available at the stands. It’s worth having a pre-recorded promo video where you describe your company and how you started. Encourage people to pick up a leaflet as they leave to increase the number of people who get in touch.

Offer freebies

Freebies – particularly freebies that have your company name on it – are a great way of getting people to your stand and making sure they’ll remember your name. Not only will they remember the fact that you gave them a treat, but when they use your products, such as a branded pen, they’ll be reminded of your company.

Offer refreshments

Fill your desk with free drinks or snacks, perhaps even put some chairs nearby so people can sit and have a chat if they wish. Keep your leaflets on the table so they can take it away with them. Take advantage of the fact that people are willing to sit and have a drink and chat to them about your business.

With a combination of these tips, you should have the ideal display stand and people should be queuing up to discuss your business. You may have had a successful day, but it’s not over yet. Wait a day or two and follow up with anyone who left their contact details. The initial contact, display and follow-up will show clients that you’re proactive and willing to go the extra mile for work.

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