How Necessary is Cloud Security?

Cloud computing – the act of uploading your documents and files to ‘the cloud’ (a shared space external to your computing equipment) where they can be kept, changed, and downloaded again when need be – is becoming more and more popular.

More so than ever, as people start to understand just how dangerous and widespread cybercrime really is.

If you run a business, using the cloud rather than a server to store your network documents and run your company through will make it much more secure. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is completely secure, and there are still some aspects to consider when it comes to your security.

Your Endpoints

It’s great to use the cloud to enjoy the high level of security that it offers, but what about your endpoints? Are they just as secure? If they aren’t, you might be undoing all the good you have done by using the cloud in the first place.

Endpoints are the devices that individual users work on – devices such as laptops and desktops. They are what cloud-based documents can be downloaded to. If they aren’t protected with the programs at, then it won’t matter how secure the cloud is; cybercriminals can attack your endpoint and steal the vital information they need from there. The endpoint is just as important as everything else, and should never be ignored when it comes to security measures.


Encrypted data is a huge positive when it comes to making your business more secure through the cloud. It means that, even if someone were to intercept the information going from your computer to the cloud and back again, or if they were to access the cloud itself, your data would still be secure because they would not be able to read it and gain any information.

End to end encryption is the most secure way to send any information, as it means that only those who are sending or receiving the information are able to read what it says. This is ideal when using the cloud as it means that even when the data is stored, it will still be encrypted until it is downloaded by another user.

Choose Wisely

Due to its wide use, there are a number of different ways to access the cloud. They all require a login and an account to be made, and some charge – it will depend on how much you upload and how much space you need as to how much.

Rather than assuming that all cloud companies are the same and it makes no difference who you choose, it does actually make a big difference – choosing wisely at this point could save you a lot of trouble and heartache later on. Look at reviews about the company and whether there have been any breaches. Ask questions that will give you the answers you need to feel satisfied that you are using the right company for cloud hosting. Your files are far too important to be left with just anyone, so it is best to get as much information as you can before committing.

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