How HR Tech Safeguards Your Business

How many sleepless nights have you had this year? If it’s your business keeping you awake, have you tried harnessing the power of technology to safeguard you against possible risk factors?

Yes, it’s difficult enough trusting another human being with aspects of your business. This is why so many leaders tend to micro manage their subordinates. Now we want to challenge you to take it one step further: trust technology on your behalf. Thanks to innovation you’ll find tech products made for all aspects of a business ranging from the factory floor to sales to HR. This article will focus on the latter.

Below we’ll discuss a few important roles modern HR tech can play. You can catch more shut eye if you keep reading and take a leap of faith.

Protecting the Business

The one thing that may keep you up at night is the desire to be proactive. You don’t want to live with the regret of your company failing because you didn’t think ahead.

Here’s how HR tech and software can keep you ready for unforeseen circumstances.

Keeping Costs Low and Accurate

With salaries and payroll being some of the largest expenses on your budget, it makes sense to look there first when it’s your bottom line that keeps you awake. Luckily technology can do a lot to minimize costs and ensure you don’t pay more than you have to.

Something as simple as an effective time and attendance system can save you time, money & effort:

  • Collect the data on worked hours digitally and use it to compile payroll records. Exchange written documents for digital data that’s more accurate because there’s less chance of human error.
  • Calculations are done by computers which once again prevents human error so you won’t ever pay more than you have to.

Protect Yourself—Prevent Manipulation of the System

Many business leaders get frustrated with managing a group of people. It only takes a few untrustworthy workers to hurt your business’ bottom line. They can limit productivity or request payment without doing the work, unless you have effective systems in place to monitor them daily.

Luckily HR tech products are designed for exactly these scenarios:

  • Use workers’ fingerprints as authentication method so workers can’t sign in for each other. You’ll have accurate records of who really showed up for work.
  • Off site employees’ movements can be monitored via GPS signals.
  • Remote workers’ computers can monitor when they’re actually working. Use this to manage productivity and have data on hand if you need to issue warnings to those not pulling their weight.

Streamlining Workflow

Productivity is an important aspect that determines your bottom line. As you lie awake you’re probably trying to find ways to get more work done in less time.

Even here HR tech can assist. A smart scheduling system will help you manage:

  • Leave and absence schedules
  • Work schedules
  • Job tickets

Use innovative features to ensure workers with the right skills and experience are present where needed so productivity doesn’t ever drop.

To implement these safeguards it’s best to have one system that does it all. You’re guaranteed integration of all the features and only working with one software program makes it easier to implement at the start. For this reason a vendor like Advance Systems that provides a comprehensive solution is an ideal option.

Protecting the Employees

While your own interests and company vision are paramount, business leaders agree that your employees are some of your most important assets.

Can technology help you protect them too? Without a doubt.

Create a Fair Working Environment

The same tech features mentioned above can help your workers as much as you.

No worker enjoys lodging a complaint. The potential conflict can let them feel negative about their work environment, but when you use the right technology you promote fairness.

Effective attendance software ensures that they’re paid for every hour they worked. There will be fewer disputes thanks to all your records being backed by accurate data.

A Fair Application Process

Even those who don’t work for you yet deserve protection. After all, are your sleepless nights not also connected to your concern for company reputation?

You can be the preferred employer in your industry if you provide applicants with a fair job application process. Once again software and technology can help you achieve this. Use AI to create a shortlist from the resumes you receive. This ensures there’s no human prejudice preventing someone from getting an interview.

Empower Employees for Everyone’s Benefit

Once someone joins your team you can ensure they give the company their best by keeping their best interests at heart. A variety of small adjustments in employee management can create an original, more beneficial workplace:

  • Provide self service HR features so employees get faster access to their employee information such as available leave days.
  • Make the information available via mobile devices so they can access it no matter where they are.
  • Use AI to help determine what employee development programs align with company and personal goals. Suggesting these programs to your employees will prove your commitment to their futures and well being.

When you make life easier and beneficial for employees, they’ll return the favor with loyalty & productivity.

Protect Their Happiness

Perhaps you think it’s not your responsibility to keep your workers happy. Their happiness after hours is their own concern. But to align with your goal of protecting your employee asset, you should do everything in your power to keep them happy at the office.

Something as simple as effective communication systems go a long way in creating a friendlier, less clinical and more effective office environment. When workers feel they’re treated with respect and understanding, they’ll feel more at ease.

The bonus is that happy employees are usually more productive than disgruntled ones.As with many of the tips mentioned above, the outcome of the HR technology will benefit all involved.

We only discussed one department of your business in this article. For all your concerns, chances are there’s technology that can help you manage risks better. There’s no reason you shouldn’t sleep well tonight.

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